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Our National Flag

our National Flag is Really just the Australian flag

Nikola Mcguane

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Our National Flag

By Nikola Mcguane Our National Flag On January 1st 1901 the Commonwealth Government had a designing contest for a new national flag. On April 29th 1901, five designs that were almost the same were picked to share the 200 pound prize. When was the National Flag created There were 5 people who alll helped to design the Australian flag. In the top left hand corner is the Union Jack. This shows that Australia is part of the British Commonwealth. Beneath the Union Jack is a large white star with seven points. The points represent the six states and the territories. Originally this star had six points. The seventh point, for the territories was added in 1908.

On the right hand side are the stars of the Southern Cross. The Southern Cross was chosen because it can always be seen at night in the sky. Who designed the National Flag Who reproduced the National Flag On 3 September 1901, the new Australian flag flew for the first time from the top of the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. The flag was simplified, and approved by King Edward VII in 1902. The national flag is used when singing the national anthem, at schools around Australia, during Olympic Ceremonies and when it is Australia day. When is the National flag used or seen That video you just watched was the Australia day flag raising ceremony in Canberra 2011
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