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English 201 Module 7 Instructor Notes

No description

Crystal Sands

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of English 201 Module 7 Instructor Notes

The Final Steps on Your Path to Success
English 201 Module 7: Preparing for Submission
Preparing the Final Manuscript: Getting Your Paper Ready to Submit
Module 7 Activities
In this module, you will be completing the final stages in the writing process and submitting your final draft to your professor.

This presentation will overview the basic steps you need to take as you put the finishing touches on your research essay!
If you have not already completed your revisions, you should do that before you edit and polish. Be sure you consider feedback from your Smarthinking tutor, classmates, and feedback from your professor throughout the semester. Here are some things to keep in mind as you revise:

1. Is my thesis clear? Did I stay focused on my thesis throughout my essay?
2. Are my paragraphs well developed? Do I need to add detail anywhere?
3. Are my paragraphs focused? Did I maintain focus on a single point in each paragraph?
4. Does my writing flow well? Is it well organized?
Complete Your Revisions First
It is now time to edit, but you need to make sure you allow time to edit. You cannot edit well in one big editing pass. Good editing takes many passes, and, of course, you have some tools you can use for help. Here are some editing tips to keep in mind:

1. Use resources like Grammarly and your grammar checker first. Just remember they aren't perfect! They will miss things.
2. Run your spell checker, but don't trust it completely either.
3. Edit on your own--carefully! It may help to read your essay in reverse.
4. Review the section on editing from the Locating Information & Writing with Sources area of the Excelsior OWL located at owl.pagekwik.com.
Time to Edit
Before you submit your essays, you will want to double check your APA formatting. The Excelsior College OWL offers excellent APA resources to remind you of both the basics and the finer points of APA. The following YouTube videos, however, will show you how to control your word processing program to achieve APA formatting.
Think about APA Formatting
Of course, the work in the course will also help you prepare. Here is a summary of your work for Module 7:

Review material on revising and editing from the Excelsior College OWL.
Participate in the discussions.
Complete your journal. The Module 6 journal focused on revision. This one focuses on editing.
Submit your final paper.
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