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good and bad bacteria

No description

Anna Newkirk

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of good and bad bacteria

good bacteria bad bacteria Good and bad bacteria Bad bacteria is bacteria
that hurts you.
Common ones cause
ear ache and strep throat. good bacteria versus bacteria Although some bacteria are harmful, many bacterial species are beneficial. beneficial=helpful or gives a benefit Bad bacteria Good bacteria help our body and without them we would not live. Good bacteria can be found in yogurt.
Bacteria are invisible, living things which are all around us but are impossible to see without a microscope. You have probably heard about bacteria when being told to wash your hands or in conversations about preventing sickness, but there is more to know about these small organisms than just their role in sickness. microscope pictures bad bacteria mmmmm by Anna Good bacteria are in our body.
But don't worry they are good! Good bacteria help your body digest. eat yogurt! SO when you eat a sandwich wash
your hands or else... You will get sick
and need a pill! Read more: About Bacteria for Kids | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/info_8546257_bacteria-kids.html#ixzz2C7k5T2PL Bad bacteria are on your hands stop
Wash your hands stop Are these good or bad bacteria? vote bad good It is good. sponsors: Wikipedia
Mrs. Bagwell, mom,and THE END
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