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The Glorious Revolution

No description

Brian Roberts

on 4 February 2015

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Transcript of The Glorious Revolution

After kicking King James II out, William of Orange and Mary Stuart, became the new king and queen of England. Parliament convinces them to sign a document called The English Bill of Rights, which controlled the power of rulers and made them subject ro laws passed by Parliament.
2002 March
Queen Elizabeth gains the throne. She defeated the Spanish Armada and kept outside influences away. Queen Liz was the first Queen of England and the last in her family to rule. She ruled until 1603.
King James, cousin of Elizabeth I, came into power. During this time, he ignored Parliament and eventually had it dissolved. His ruling led to the English Civil War. He leaves the problems for the next ruler, when he dies in 1625.
Soon after King James I, King Charles, his son, comes into power. During this time the civil war is still going on. King Charles also runs into some problems with parliament. He splits Parliament and England religiously. Both political and religious leaders were mad. King Charles was imprisoned and eventually executed.
After King Charles, parliament decides to take a different route and chooses Lord Oliver Cromwell to rule. He was pro-Parliament. Things when from bad to worse under Cromwell. He promised democracy and didn't follow through. He adopted a military dictatorship way of ruling, and soon was given the nickname "old ironsides." Parliament finally had enough and killed him off as well.
Glorious Revolution
Parliament learned their lesson with Lord Cromwell and put a monarch back in power. King Charles II, son of Charles I, became king, along with Parliament. He led a time in England called the Restoration, where the goal was to put monarchy back into power. Everyone loved their new king. He did not have any children, therefore, his brother James received the crown after him.
King Charles II
King Charles I
Lord Cromwell
Protector of England
King James I
Queen Elizabeth I
King James was the last Catholic king to rule. He decided to baptize his son, which the community was upset about. Leading nobles ask King James's son-in-law, along with his daughter, Mary Stuart, to kick the king out and take his place. They agreed.
King James II
William of Orange & Queen Mary
Guaranteed 3 things:
no excessive bail or cruel or unusual punishment.
no taxation without the consent of the legislature.
the right to petition the government with grievances
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