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Uranium Glass

By Kameron, Harmeet, Prabjot, Keshaun And Puvi(2014/11/10)

Harmeet Sidhu

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Uranium Glass

Thanks For Listening To Our Prezi/Presentation
We Would Like To Thank Our Teacher Mr. Morris
For Giving Us This Great Project To Do.

The Shipping Process Of Uranium Glass
Companies Which Produces Uranium Glass
Where Is it Made
The Employee's information
The Working Conditions and Salaries
What is it made out of?
Environmental Effects.
Marketing For This Product
How Uranium Glass Is Disposed?
Who Pays For The Disposal?
Uranium Glass
Kameron, Prabjot, Harmeet, Keshaun And Puvi

Uranium Glass
Links To Information
•About twenty million consignments of all sizes containing Uranium are routinely transported worldwide annually on public roads, railways and ships.

They are two main companies in the U.S that were well known for producing Uranium Glass products: Boyd Glass Company and Fenton Art Glass Company.
For our project, we will be focusing on the Fenton Art Glass Company.
The Company Owner
George W. Fenton (President/CEO)
The company is owned and operated by eight, third and fourth generation Fentons.
The Fenton Art glass company is operated in Williamstown, West Virginia.
They are multiple Fenton Art glass Gift shops across America that used to sell Uranium glass.
The Fenton Art glass Company employs over four hundred employees
Depleted Uranium oxide (not to exceed 1%)
According to the United States Nuclear regulatory commission, depleted uranium can only be disposed of by a licensed uranium facility.
Depleted uranium can only be considered "radioactive waste", and in need of being disposed, only if it is in its chemical state (not in a solid state as in uranium glass)
Regular components for glass making include: Silica sand, soda ash and lime
The target market for purchasing uranium glass are antique collectors.
Ebay is a source for many looking to locate older pieces of uranium glass or find a deal with prices from under $10 up to over $1000.
There is no cost attached to the disposal of uranium glass since most people attempt to sell their glass products on websites (e.g ebay), garage or antique sales.
There is no special disposal of the uranium glass and therefore no special fee attached.
After my research on finding the working salaries, there was no information about their salaries.
The working conditions are pretty good. They have high stars for how good the employment is.
There is very little radio-activity in Uranium Glass
There is more radio-active out side in the environmental. Uranium glass products in a broken state will emit very low levels of radiation.
Uranium are exported to many different places including USA from Kazakhstan, Canada and Australia mostly from where Fenton can get.
In North America, Uranium Glass is also known as "Vaseline Glass"
Uranium Glass is a yellowish/greenish coloured glass that will turn florescent green under ultra violet light.
Environment Hook
Brazil Nuts
Cat Litter
Uranium Glass
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