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What jobs did the peasants do in the medieval times?

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Jody Rogers

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of What jobs did the peasants do in the medieval times?

What are peasants
People who are farmers or laborers- uneducated, financially poor and have low social ranking.
A peasant's to do list (men+ kids)
The daily life of a peasant started at started in the summer as early as 3am
A peasant would start with breakfast, usually of pottage
Work in the fields or on the land started by dawn and the daily life of a peasant included the following common tasks
Reaping - To cut crops for harvest with a scythe, sickle, or reaper- farming
Sowing - the process of planting seeds- farming
Ploughing - To break and turn over soil with a plough to form a furrow
Binding and Thatching
Haymaking - cutting grass and collecting it for hay.
Threshing - To beat the stems and husks of plants to separate the grains or seeds from the straw.
Hedging - creating boundaries- protection
Outside work finished at dusk, working hours were therefore longer during the summer months
Peasants made some of their own tools and utensils using wood, leather and the horns from cattle
types of serfs:
What tools did the peasants use?
It was very unlike that the peasants were able to use animals such as an ox or a horse for difficult tasks that couldn't been done. The team Ox would help ploughing.
The most common tools used by farmers were metal tipped ploughs for turning over the soil and harrows to cover up the soil when seeds had been planted.

Women cleaners:
they would clean with mops and brooms. Water would be one source. The hygiene then was pretty bad.
What jobs did the peasants do in the medieval times?
wake up at 3 am and cook breakfast.
make sure the wheat or plants are good and do some harvesting.
Provide people with daily food especially lords and higher class people.
look after small animals such as chickens
make clothes on a spinning wheel.
Making preserves
collect berries and herbs otr even vegetables
clean houses- during summer there were more working hours
can only eat when the children's and husbands are home- late at night.
Peasants working to do list ( Women)
There are 3 main serfs which are free men, the cottars, and the villeins. None of these three types owned any land. The free men were paying fixed duties for the land they were working, basically renting it, and they were not required to work for the benefit of the feudal master. The cottars worked for the lord, in return receiving a place to stay, and a small part of the harvest and the Villeins worked night and day in the field or in the lords houses cleaning harvseting etc.


fact these animals were call: 'beast of burden'
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