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Donor Services Case

No description

Marielle Gallant

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Donor Services Case

Executive Summary

Joanna Reed hired as a consultant for Sam Wilson's Donor Services Department in Guatemala
The Donor Services Department lacking efficiency
Cultural differences within the organization, uneven distribution of work and low morale.
Contributing factors:
Employees being bilingual and others not, poor job placement, lack of English skills used and poor working/ structural environment
Employee training, having a weekly task for employees to achieve, incorporating incentives/bonuses and implement a code of ethics
Possible Solutions
Incorporate better and equal training for all supervisors and employees
Distribute work effectively throughout the organization
Keep employees motivated
Basic Issues
Culture differences within the organization
Uneven distribution with work in the office
Morale is low
Cause Analysis 1
Some employees were bi-lingual while others were not

Elena was looked down upon because she was not bi-lingual, less skilled, educated and practiced a different religion
Elena was lacking authority, due to lack of training
Jose who was not bi-lingual
Cause Analysis 2
Poor job placement

Jose was the head of donor service and community service, but spent little time in the donor service department
Poor job fit
He felt Elena was responsible enough to take on this leadership role
Sam and Jose would leave Elena in charge and the rest of the employees would not respect her as a supervisor
Jose promoted Elena, due to her commitment to the company, although she was not the right fit for this job role
Elena lacked value based leadership roles
Cause Analysis 3
Donor Services Case

Thank you!
Cause Analysis 4
Employees felt they did not have enough opportunities to use their English speaking skills

Employees thought they were losing their fluency because their jobs involved only clerical work
Same task was repeated daily
Employees questions why they needed to be bi-lingual for this job
Poor working environment and lack of structure within organization

The three female translators were constantly competing with Magdalena
The donor service department was a 40x30 ft living room
No data was shared with the translators
Lacking the ability to complete their tasks on time
Employees lack sharing information
Lack of communication
1. Every employee must be enrolled in a training session
Employee responsibilities in workplace
Proper leadership roles -upper management

Training programs to enhance English speaking skills
2. Employees should have weekly tasks they must complete
Keep employees focused
Provide break times for socialization
Social Audits will be demonstrated
3. Incorporate incentives and bonuses that employees can earn
New office
4. Incorporate a code of ethics -formal statement of companies value that will align with current mission
Rule of law -how people are required to act in workplace
Kathleen Kilbourn, Kaitlyn McLaughlin, Marielle Gallant
Any questions or suggestions?!
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