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System changes in English Healthcare - QIPP

Presentation to the APAC Forum (New Zealand) 20th September 2012

Maxine Russell

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of System changes in English Healthcare - QIPP

The NHS Safety Thermometer Operational definitions

Getting started

Using data for improvement

Best in class 180,000 patients surveyed in May - April 2012 NHS London Liam Edwards–
Kings College NHS Foundation Trust Tissue Viability Team – Barts and the London Vicky Aldred & Nicola Clarke Convince people
of the solution
& articulate it clearly Invest in data
and feedback systems Avoid projectness
and excess ambitions

'connecting with values' www.harmfreecare.org 2 Assess organisational,
culture and capacities Find ways of dealing with
tribalism and lack of staff engagement Celebrating Success Have the right
kind of leadership Incentivise
use of hard edges Commissioning for Quality and Innovation 2012-14 (NHS England) Think about sustainability
from the start 2011: 10x10x10

2012: 10x30x10

2013:ALL Try to find the
side-effects of change Was the patient protected from EVERY harm? Convince people
there is a problem
& call them to action Lessons from the national workstream for Patient Safety @powernhs
@nhsquest everyday Thank You

maxine.power@nhs.net Four in twenty patients harmed
= 80% harm free care
Two in twenty patients harmed
= 90% harm free care
One in twenty patients harmed
= 95% harm free care Lessons from the Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Programme @powernhs
@nhsquest The NHS
52 million
£100 billion
Public funds
10 Regions
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