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Anglo-Saxon Entertainment

No description

Emily Smith

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Anglo-Saxon Entertainment

ANGLO- SAXON ENTERTAINMENT Anglo-Saxon's did a variety of things to keep them entertained throughout everyday life. Sports was a great form of entertainment in the village where the villagers would gather to watch the men or warriors performing test of strength like carrying boulders or swimming competitions while wearing their armor and trying to drown their opponent. Many similar games we play today were played in the Anglo-Saxon era such as, Pigs knuckles which was their form of jacks and chess. Also the most famous form of Anglo-Saxon entertainment was reciting epic poems of bravado of warriors and their conquests such as Beowulf. During this time many of these festivities practiced as a community. Sports: Swimming
Running while carrying huge loads.
Horse Racing
and Wrestling
When the musician would be playing the lyre and reciting the poem the villagers would gather and sometimes even form these dancing circles. this is a lyre. Chess Pigs knuckles Beowulf quotes " Are you the Beowulf, Breca's rival, who strove with him in swimming in open sea, pridefully braing the floods and foolishly risking your lives in the deep waters?" Levick, Ben. "Pastimes of Vikings and Anglo-Saxon Age." regia anglorum. Regia Anglorum Publication 2003, 31 Mar. 2003. <http://www.regia.org/pastimes.htm>. Prezi done by Emily Briggs
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