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Which has the strongest acid?

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joshua porter

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of Which has the strongest acid?

Between lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, facet water, Comet cleaning product, bottled drinking water, 409 cleaning product, CoCa Cola, and vinegar, which has a stronger acid?

Our hypothesis is that coca cola has the strongest acid because of a prior experiment dealing with cleaning house hold items with coca cola
Lemon juice one cup
Coca cola
pH paper (tests the acid in a liquid)
Bottled drinking water
Comet cleaning product
409 cleaning product
Apple cider vinegar
Facet water
A tri-board
Utensils (tweezers)

Vinegar has a pH level of -1
Coca cola has a pH level of -1.5
Apple cider vinegar has a pH level of -1.8
Facet water has a pH level of -4.5
Comet / cleaning product has a pH level of -6.5
Bottled water has a pH level of -7
lemon juice has a pH level of -2.2
409/cleaning product has a pH level of -8
Vinegar(1), coca cola(1.5), apple cider vinegar(1.8) lemon juice(2.2), facet water(4.5), and Comet(6.5) are all acidic (have acid). Vinegar (1) has the most acid. Bottled drinking water (7) is the only one that is neutral. 409 cleaning product(8) is the only one that is a base. After we tested all of our materials I proved my hypothesis was incorrect. Coca cola did not have the strongest acid, Vinegar did.

1) Gather your materials (vinegar, coca cola, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, facet water, comet cleaning product, 409 cleaning product, bottled drinking water, cups, tweezers, and ph paper). 2) After you collect all of the materials, test all liquids with pH paper in separate individual cups.
Which has the strongest acid?
3) Use your utensil to pick up the pH paper, place it into each individual liquid, and remove it from the liquid after 2 minutes. Let the pH paper sit and dry for 60 seconds. 4) After you have finished with each liquid, despose of them properly 5) When you’ve completed the whole process , put away all materials. That’s the end of this procedure.
By: Joshua Porter, and Nigel Jefferson
honors chemistry

Procedure Continued...
Background Research
On the pH scale anything under 7 is an acid. Any thing that is over 7 is a base. If the pH level is 7 it's neutral . The lower the number is under 7 the more acidic it is . The higher the number over 7 the more basic it is.
Water is typically the only one that's neutral on the pH scale
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