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5 Best Tragic Heroes In Literature

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Bailey Taylor

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of 5 Best Tragic Heroes In Literature

Sirius Black...
By: J.K. Rowling
It is a fiction and young- adult fantasy novel
Why is Sirius Black a tragic hero?
He willingly fought outnumbered for Harry
His tragic flaw was Harry ( Sirius had to save Harry)
He knew he would die when fighting, and that did not matter to him
Why he is on here?
I absolutly adore the Harry Potter series and I believe everyone should see that it is more than just the magic part
Marcus Luttrell
The non-fiction novel Lone Survivor

William Shakespeare in 1606
Peeta Mellark
The Hunger Games
5 Best Tragic Heroes In Literature
By: Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson in 2007
Why is he a tragic hero?
He is a navy seal
The group of men could have done something other than letting the group of Talibans go
He says that you can make it through any bad day, even the ones that almost kill you
Why is he one of my top five?
Personally, I obsess over anything to do with the military. This story has something about it that touches my heart and makes me want to tell people his story
It is a tragic play
Why is he considered a tragic hero?
King of Crawdor and a Thane
He killed people out of greed
He also believed the witches on his own will
Why is Macbeth in my top five?
I honestly chose Macbeth because we just got done studying about the play so I knew about it
Young- adult fiction
By: Suzanne Collins in 2008
Why is he a tragic hero?
Peeta lives like a king in District 12- he has plenty to eat, never has to worry about money, and his father has a safe job
His flaw is always trusting people
His downfall is that the people he trusted , the Capitals, hurt him. So Katness had to save him
Why I chose him?
I love this series, and not many people see that there is more to the story than what is just popular.
Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban in 1999
By William Shakespeare in 1606
Why is he considered a tragic hero?
Romeo was high in Social ranking because his dad was a Lord
He was emotionally driven
High and respected ( does not deserve the misfortune)
Why did I choose Romeo as one of my top five?
It is a typical love story, everyone knows Romeo and Juliet
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