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Interior Parts of the Brain

No description

Kathryn Moore

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Interior Parts of the Brain

The Limbic System
Located above the brain stem and below the cerebellum
There are 4 part of the limbic system which are important for learning and memory
The Thalamus and The Hypothalamus
All incoming sensory information except for
smell comes to the thalamus
Involved in many cognitive activities

Located just below the thalamus
Monitors all internal systems to maintain normal state of the body (homeostasis)
Controls release of hormones
The Hippocampus and The Amygdala
Located near the base of the limbic area
Converts working memory to long term memory
Some patients who had their hippocampus removed could not remember anything that happened after it was removed- this confirmed the hippocampuses role in permanent memory storage
Attached to the end of the hippocampus
Plays important role in emotions, especially fear
Regulates interactions with environment (fight or flight)
Quiz Time
1. Whats the oldest area of the brain?

2. What helps with long term memory storage?

3. What controls normal body functions?

4.Where does all incoming sensory information go?

5. Which part of the limbis system plays an important role in fear?
Interior Parts of the Brain
Oldest and deepest area of the brain
Vital body functions such as heartbeat, respiration, body temperature, and digestion are monitored and controlled here
Also houses the reticular activation system which is responsible for the brain's alertness
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