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Glocal Challenge

No description

Eric Chan

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Glocal Challenge

324 trees A Global Problem
A Local Solution The United States is Less than 7% of the Earth's Land Mass Less than 5% of the Earth's Population The United States used over That's to of the world's paper usage! 35% 42% Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Cambridge Ridge and Latin $54 $28 The CRLS Copy Center sheets per day! 28,800 Would stack to 9.6 feet tall Height of average male (5'10'') CRLS is on track to use 5.6 million sheets of paper this year!!! TextBooks Textbooks on average contain 600 to 1200 pages. Textbooks also use coated paper. Precedence for e-Textbooks BC High: iPads Sophomores (2012) Lexington High School: iPad pilot (2013) Think before you print How does it pay for itself? Chromebooks: $200,000 E-Textbooks: $10,000 Paper/toner: $86,433 Textbooks: $65,000 Average Annual Expenses Upfront costs for entire school: Total Average Annual Expense: $151,433 Chromebooks and e-textbooks would pay for themselves in We would like to say thanks to only has 3 copiers, Environmental Assault: Paper By Eric Chan, Joshua Brancazio, Isabella Gray, Benjamin Austin, Burlington: 1:1 iPad Initiative (2011) Rita Owens, Copy Center
Allan Epstein, ICTS
Debbie Gentile, LC-C
Carol Correia, LC-R
Miriam DaSilva, LC-L
Terry Gist, LC-S
Julia Guida, Purchasing
Kristen von Hoffman, Sustainability
Jeff Gaglione
Mike Ananis
Miriam Dasilva
Donna Daniels, Main Office
Anthony Cannella, OSE
Gina Houghton, ICTS
Marjorie Berger, ICTS
Steve Smith, ICTS
Patty Nolan, Cambridge School Committee
Donna Daniels, Main Office
Dosha Beard, RSTA
Ariel Mahoney, ELA
Ross Benson, MATH
Steve Matteo, ELA
CRLS teachers and students (survey and input)
Andrew Miller, Physics
EF Tours for stimulating this investigation Two Major Sources of Paper Usage at CRLS Textbooks Printing and Copying and cranked out an average of CRLS's annual paper usage would stack to 1,867 ft 1,867 ft Ideas for transitions After what has been done at CRLS,
about conserving paper.
Given the precedent for Chrome books in Cambridge upper schools and the pilot program and we are poised to fit in with the existing efforts of the IT Deptpartment by expanding Chrome books integration at CRLS CRLS gets an average of 650 textbooks annually 81 million additional BTU's of energy 57,000 additional gallons of water 14,003 additional pounds of CO2 equiv. 18,000 additional pounds of wood Spring 2013 (cont.) Cloud Sharing Fall 2013 Chromebook Program Expand pilot program to Freshman (BC High) Printing reduction "tech"niques Spring 2013
(cont.) Fall 2014 Chromebook Program Evaluate freshman pilot and add the sophomore and junior chromebook program Fall 2015 Student-run Helpdesk Elective computer course
(Burlington Model) Chromebook program Expand chromebook program to seniors Cloud Sharing Increase teacher and student participation Provide workshops on how to use them After 2015 We Will Save Every • Reduce environmental impact
• Build 21st Century Skills
• Bridge the technical divide
• Save money *Based on the data from Dec 18 to Feb 28 *Based on the 1100 boxes budgeted this year Mentor: Jon Blachly 71 of paper in 2010! million tons * 640,000 gallons of water The same amount of water would fulfill the water usage of 17 homes for a year which could fill up an olympic sized pool 5.6 million sheets 210,000 pounds of wood That's over 672 trees and would cover 12 football fields Environmental Impact That same energy could power 49 homes for a year. 640 million BTUs of energy A Two-Tiered Proposal 2. Digitized Classrooms 1. Comprehensive Awareness Campaign Produces the equivalent of 156,000 pounds of It would take 860 trees a year to offset this environmental impact WHERE? IF HERE NOT Cost Comparison
Toner & Paper Per Student (FY 2012) Our Proposal Reduce Paper Consumption at CRLS Immediate Action: Paper Awareness Campaign Target Entire School: Staff and Students Students make video for school media Monitor copy center: Teacher Sign-In Comprehensive Study on
e-Textbook Conversion Work with existing efforts at CRLS Evaluate effectiveness from other schools Spring 2013 Paper Committee Work to increase the participation in existing cloud services Match digital-savvy teachers with high-copy offenders
to compare teaching techniques 2016 Expand techniques Other School Systems in area Yearly savings: Chromebooks 2 years 300 million BTU's 310,000 gallons of water 75,600 pounds of CO2 equivalents $98,000 Year CRLS can serve as a model for other schools in the state, country, the world! 324 Trees Charleston High School - Currently used in Upper Schools
- Easier sharing
- Linked to Google Docs
- Light weight
- Strong research capabilities
- Unable to play games
- 6.5 hours battery life
-Half the cost of iPad Obstacles to Consider: $98,000 Upfront cost High demand for tech support More distractions Solutions: Cost would be off-set by money saved Student run help desk would assist with technical support. Chromebooks are incapable of playing
most games and go through school servers Because The World Is In Our Hands Teacher Sponsor: Joan Abrams Statewide Implementation Proposed Current $65 per student per year Balkans Nature. Digital image. Www.colourbox.com. Colourbox, n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2013.

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"U.S. & World Population Clocks." U.S. & World Population Clocks. N.p., n.d. Web. 31 Jan. 2013. Citations Our plan works with current efforts at Cambridge Public Schools to:
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