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Minecraft gamers only

It is da boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justin Flores

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Minecraft gamers only

The Game
MInecraft is a game about creating, mining, building, crafting, and most of all SURVIVING.
There are four modes, creative, survival, adventure, and HARDCORE mode. Creative mode is where your able to fly, break blocks easily, and have all the blocks possible. Survival is where you can die, mine, and craft stuff, food is important in survival because if you lose all the weird bloody chicken legs you start to starve.. Adventure mode is basically survival mode but you can't break or place blocks. Hardcore mode is a mode where you are in survival but when you die you are unable to respawn.
What are mobs? Mobs are the living things in minecraft . Some mobs are hostile, some will not hurt unless you hurt them, and some are peaceful.
The creeper has four legs and its very light green so you'll be able to see one from a distance. Be careful a creeper is silent but deadly because it explodes in your face and you cant really hear because it makes shuffling noises when it walks.
Zombies are just like Steve/you only greenish they have empty eye sockets, zombies can make moaning and growling noises when near. Zombies can only hold an iron sword or shovel. When killed they will drop a feather, potato, carrot, rotten flesh (PE and PC only), poisonous potato, and very rarely iron ingot, iron helmet, iron sword, iron shovel. Baby zombies can ride chickens and they will not burn in sunlight.
A skeleton is a very common hostile mob that shoots arrows and has an unlimited amount of arrows. They will spawn wearing armor(very rarely). They will attack a player or any other mob that attacks it.
Spiders and Cave Spiders
Spiders will attack you at night, if attacked during the day they will fight back. Cave spiders are just like spiders only they deal poison damage. Spider jockeys are fairly dangerous because a skeleton is riding a spider which means it will shoot arrows, and is able to climb all walls except sandstone.
Enderman are usually neutral in hostility as long as they aren't attacked if you where a pumpkin they wont attack you. Endermen can pick up blocks such as dirt, cobblestone, TNT, and etc. They also have the ability to teleport behind and give you a surprise so make sure you have your back to a wall so the enderman can't teleport behind you.
Zombie Pigmen
Zombie Pigman look like that. It drops rotten flesh, golden nuggets, and its sword(golden). If you you hit a zombie pigman a whole pack will try to kill you.
Blazes are creatures that fly around and are on fire shooting fire at you with bars flying around them. They drop blaze rods which you can make in to blaze powder.
Wither Skeleton
Wither Skeletons are just like skeletons only dark gray and they hold stone swords instead of bows. They only spawn in the nether, and are a little taller than Steve.
Wolves are very friendly if tamed or are kept alone, but if you hit them their eyes will turn red and any wolves near you will be angry too. You can tame them with a maximum of twelve bones.
Iron Golem
Iron golems are loyal to villagers so they will kill anything that tries to kill them. Iron golems can be spawned by making a t shape out of iron and then put a pumpkin on top. They have 100 health and are very AWESOME.
Ghasts look sort of like ghosts but they will shoot fire balls at you. they will drop ghast tears which are useful for potions.
The boss in the game in the game is THE ENDER DRAGON! He can heal from the ender crystals so you have to shoot the with arrows and when hit there will be an explosion so you know that you hit it.
The End
Spider Jockey
Funny video!!
Did you know that any headgear a skeleton wears will prevent it from burning?
Minecraft songs of Awesomeness!!
Its awesome :)
That's all guys!!
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