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Bible Timeline

No description

Patricia Verbeek

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Bible Timeline

Timeline of the Bible 1. Creation Unknown Dates: Cain & Able
Genesis 4
The Flood
Genesis 6-9:17
Tower of Babel
Genesis 11:1-9 2166 BC: Abraham Born 2091 BC: Abraham Moves to Canaan 2066 BC: Isaac Born 2006 BC: Jacob and Esau Born 1991 BC: Abraham Dies 1876 BC: Israel Enters Egypt 1859 BC: Jacob Dies 1805 BC: Joseph Dies 1526 BC: Moses Born 1446 BC: Exodus 1406 BC:
Death of Moses
Conquest of Canaan
Joshua becomes leader of Israel 1375 BC: Joshua Dies 1400-1150: Timeline of Judges Othniel, Ehud, Shamgar, Deborah, Gideon, Tola, Jair, Jephthah, Ibzan, Elon, Abdon, Samson 1105 BC: Samson is Born 1050 BC: Saul anointed King 1041 BC: David Born 1010 BC: Saul and Jonathon Die 1009 BC: David becomes King of Judah 1004 BC: David becomes King of all Israel 971 BC: David dies and Solomon becomes King 966 BC: Solomon dedicates the Temple 922-722 BC: Divided Monarchy 1000-922 BC: United Monarchy By: Patricia Verbeek
Olivia VanMeggelen 875 BC: Elijah 848 BC: Elijah is taken and Elisha takes over 797 BC: Elisha Dies 605 BC: First departure from Jerusalem 586 BC: Fall of Jerusalem and Judah 538 BC: Zerubbabel leads first return to begin work on the Temple 536 BC: Temple foundation complete and work comes to a halt 520 BC: Haggai and Zechariah begin work on the Temple again 516 BC: Dedication of the Temple 478 BC: Esther became Queen of Persia 473 BC: Esther saved the Jews from the Massacre 457 BC: Ezra lead the second return to Babylon to fix the Temple 444 BC: Nehemiah lead the third return to fix the Temple Four Hundred Year Silence 2 AD: Jesus is Born 27 AD: Jesus begins His Ministry 30 AD: Jesus Death & Resurrection 850-840 BC: Obediah 835-796 BC: Joel 784-760 BC: Jonah 763-755 BC: Amos 755-710 BC: Hosea & Micah 739-680 BC: Isaiah 650-630 BC: Nahum 635-625 BC: Zephaniah 627-570 BC: Jeremiah 620-605: Habakkuk 605-536 BC: Daniel 593-570 BC: Ezekiel 35 AD: Paul's Conversion 46-48 AD: Paul's first missionary journey 49-50 AD: Jerusalem Council 50-52 AD: Paul's second missionary journey 53-57 AD: Paul's third missionary journey 57-62 AD: Paul is imprisoned in Rome 62-68 AD: Paul's fourth missionary journey in Spain 68 AD: Paul Martyred 70 AD: Jerusalem and the Temple destroyed 90-95 AD: John exiled to Patmos 3. Redemption Initiated The Intertestimental Period 4. Redemption Accomplished 6. Redemption Completed 5. The Mission of the Church Date Unknown: Second Coming
Date Unknown: The New Creation Kings of Judah:
930-914: Rehoboam
913-911: Abijah
911-871: Asa
870-848: Jehoshaphat
848-841: Jehoram
841: Ahaziah
841-835: Athaliah
835-796: Joash
767-740: Uzziah
740-732: Jotham
732-716: Ahaz
716-687: Hezekiah
687-642: Manasseh Kings of Israel:
931-910: Jeroboam I
910-909: Nadab
909-886: Baasha
886-885: Elah
885: Zimri
885-874: Omri
874-853: Ahab
853-852: Ahaziah
852-841: Joram
841-814: Jehu
814-798: Jehoahaz
798-782: Jehoash
782-753: Jerohoam II 437-417: Malachi 520-505: Haggai 520-470: Zechariah "Bible Timeline." Sunday School Resources. N.p., 2001. Web. 1 Apr. 2013.

http://ldolphin.org/kings.html (This site had no information about published date, author, editor)

"The Story: A Musical Journey through the Bible (Act 1 Scene 1: Creation)." YouTube. N.p., 16 Mar. 2013. Web. 2 Apr. 2013

"Bible Timeline." Bible Suite. N.p., 2010. Web. 1 Apr. 2013. 30-35 AD: Pentecost 332 BC: Persia rules over Palestine
336-323 BC: Alexander the Great 930 BC: The Division of Israel and Judah 1275 BC: Wilderness Wanderings 1446 BC: The Giving of the Law 2166 BC-1446 BC Patriarchal Period Assyrian Empire
721 BC: Assyrian invasion of Northern Kingdom
689 BC: King of Assyria destroys Babylon
681 BC: King of Assyria rebuilds Tower of Babel structures
677 BC: Assyrian army leg against rebellious Arab tribes
669 BC: King of Assyria dies, Kingdom splits between his 2 sons
650 BC: Jewish exiles flee to island to form a military allied with Egypt
615 BC: Ten years of civil war between Babylon and Assyria ends
612 BC: Babylon surpasses Nineveh as the largest city in the world Babylonian Empire
609 BC: Judah loses its independence and is under the protection of Babylon
605 BC: Babylon rules and Judah is no longer independent, Jews are exiled
597 BC: First Babylonian exile
586 BC: Second Babylonian exile
573 BC: Nebuchadnezzar destroys Tyre
546 BC: Conquered by Persia Persian Empire
539 BC: Persian empire overthrows Babylon
535 BC: First decree by Cyrus the Great, seventy year Babylonian captivity ends
525 BC: Cambyses II conquers Egypt
520 BC: Second degree by Darius
490 BC: Battle of Marathon. Darius defeated by Greeks Greek Empire
334 BC: Alexander invades Asia
332 BC: Island city of Tyre destroyed after siege by Alexandar
323 BC: Alexander dies
323 BC: Alexander IV rules
323 BC- 280 BC: Diadochi Wars Roman Empire (Republic)
197 BC: Roman Empire begins
168 BC: Romans defeat Greeks
168 BC: Attalus III wills the Kingdom of Pergamon to Rome
79 BC: Julius Caesar kidnapped
75 BC: Julius Caesar captured
63 BC: Pompey conquers Jerusalem and Syria
63 BC: Pompey ends rebellion in Asia Minor
48 BC: Juluis Caesar defeated Pompey
44 BC: Julius Caesar assassinated Roman Empire (Monarchy)
6 AD: Jerusalem becomes part of Roman province of Judea
4 AD: Tiberius Caesar adopted by Augustus
14 AD: Augustus Caesar Census
14 AD: Death of Augustus
14 AD: Tiberius Caesar rules
31 AD: Messiah is crucified
31 AD: Holy Spirit comes 1553 BC: Joshua Born 1140 BC: Naomi, Ruth, Boaz 1100 BC: Birth of Samuel 1024 BC: Samuel anoints David 1011 BC: Samuel Dies Acts of the Bible 2. Fall God Establishes His Kingdom Rebellion in the Kingdom The King Chooses Israel Interlude: A Kingdom Waiting for an Ending The Coming of the King The Spreading of the News of the King The Return of the King Bibliography
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