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Geocaching & GPS in Education

No description

Hillary Griffin

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Geocaching & GPS in Education

What is Geocaching? 21st Century treasure hunt! Use latitude and longitude coordinates to plug into your GPS Receiver Take something, replace something. Dave Ulmer Treasures! What am I going to get? The treasures are usually dollar store items, such as toys and other souvenirs. Some caches have cameras so you can record the fun you had! GPS devices and topographical maps are imperative to geocaching. Geocaching has many benefits.
It promotes techology use,
encourages outdoor, physical activites,
and it's FUN! Unfortunately, geocaching can be expensive if you have to buy a GPS. Also, you need to be careful while geocaching, since you will be outdoors and sometimes in rough terrain. Take necessary precautions! Geocaching is becoming more prevalent among the general public, with thousands of caches hidden world wide! But what does this have to do with education?! Dr. Alice Christie Problem solving skills, critical thinking skills, and more Any content area can find a way to use this fun, engaging activity. Lewis & Clark, Treasure Island, coordinates, nature... Geocaching is a fantastic way to engage our students. The real treasure at the end is seeing students truly learning and having fun while doing it. Don't you want to use Geocaching and GPS devices in your classroom?!
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