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Beauty and the Beast

No description

Maisie Albis

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast
Almost everyone knows the heartwarming story of Disney's Beauty and the Beast...
An enchantress turns a selfish prince into a hideous beast and transforms all his servants into inanimate household objects
The prince and his court will remain in their cursed state unless he can get someone to love him as a beast before his 21st birthday.
As luck would have it, a beautiful girl from a nearby village shows up at his castle and they fall in love, breaking the curse.
many people do not know that over
crimes are committed
over the course of the story
These crimes include:
bribery/bribe receiving
sexual harassment
unlawful restraint
assault and battery
incitement to riot
attempted murder
unlawful discharge of a firearm
Bribery/Bribe Receiving
After Belle refused Gaston's marriage proposal, he bribes Monsieur D'Arque to imprison Belle's father until she agrees to marry him
Sexual Harassment
Gaston goes to Belle's house to propose and while he's there, he makes unwanted sexual advances towards her (like trying to kiss her)
Incitement to Riot
Gaston uses the magic mirror to show the townspeople that the beast is a threat, and encourages them to storm his castle
Criminal Trespassing
Maurice got lost in the woods and was chased by wolves until he found the Beast's castle. He trespassed on the Beast's property and entered the castle without permission
Unlawful Restraint
When Maurice entered the castle, the Beast locked him in the dungeon. Soon after, Belle came and took her father's place. The Beast holds her captive for most of the story
The enchantress turned all of the servants of the castle into common household objects, therefore disabling them
Assault and Battery
Gaston physically abuses his friend/henchman LeFou multiple times in the story, often punching him in the head. It can be inferred that the attacks were not premeditated as Gaston only hit LeFou when incited by words.
Attempted Murder
After the villagers stormed the Beast's castle, Gaston met the Beast on the roof. They fought, but after spending time with Belle the Beast was much gentler and didn't want to hurt Gaston. Gaston didn't care and used a broken stone spike to beat the Beast with, attempting to kill him.
Negligent Discharge of a Firearm
Gaston, on several occasions, fired his gun in a public setting. One of these occurrences happened inside of a bar. This violates laws that prohibit willfully firing a gun in a grossly negligent manner that could result in death or injury to a person
Other crimes committed include:
false imprisonment
The End
Insight Into the Criminal Nature of the Classic Tale
By Maisie, Mena, Cliff, and Madison
1st Degree
4th Degree
4th Degree
2nd Degree
2nd Degree
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