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BamBam! Collaboration Tool for Pros

Planning a project? Make sure to get the best tools for the job. BamBam!, a new online project management software from 84kids, will give you enough power to build a spaceship from blueprint to scratch. Get 14 days of free trial and see for yourself.

84 kids

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of BamBam! Collaboration Tool for Pros

allows people of different roles and work styles to collaborate better.
BamBam! understands that every team has members of different roles and work styles and let them adjust itself to their needs and preferences.
BamBam! has a rich set of carefully crafted features
that all professionals find important.
BamBam! Collaboration Tool for Pros
Real-Time Awareness
Stay informed in Real-Time. Act when it's necessary.
gives you this comforting feeling of being in control. At any time you can review what's happening and decide whether to act or leave it for later.
You can stick to a simple To-Do list known from the World’s
#1 Wedding Planner or design carefully crafted transactional custom workflows.
Enjoy your company on auto-pilot.
Smart Streams
The News Feed that knows what's important for your team.
It matters!
BamBam! uses rocket science to highlight what's important for you. People read stream in BamBam! because it actually matters.
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©2013 84kids™ is a trademark of Springloops Ltd. All rights reserved.
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