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Curriculum Vitae

No description

Griffin Ess

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Curriculum Vitae

Professional Bio
Video Sample

You Think It. I'll Ink It.
Creative Consultations with Artistic Solutions
I'll ask the right questions to fabricate the best possible version of your ideas with the highest impact.
Entrust your creative and artistic needs to me. You'll be glad you did.
Boston, MA
Griffin Ess
Associates Psychology & Sociology Degrees from Bunker Hill.
Currently enrolled at Boston University with a Psychology focus.
Artist / Creative Consultant
2013 Portfolio Samples
Owner operator of Shaded Areas Illustration since 2006.
Guest lecturer at various conventions and schools since 2009.
Regular instructor for Paint Nite since May 2013.
Two articles & nine graphic novel issues series published.
Artistic Skills
Painting: Watercolors, Oils, & Acrylics.
Illustration: Pencil, Ink, & Digital.
Design: Logos, Signage, T-shirts, & Covers.
Relative Skills
Teaching: Artistic theory, Artistic techniques, & Freelance Management.
Art Direction: Project organization, Set/scene design, & Storyboarding.
Other: Giving lectures, Article writing, & Consultation.
Sarah Morrow (Non-Profit Founder at Diva Day Foundation) 2010
Griffin's work is extraordinary. He's passionate about what he does and gets it right the first time. He operates at a high level of integrity and can be counted on every time to deliver when things elsewhere in the company inevitably get hairy.
George O'Connor (Sr. Copywriter at Digitas) 2011
Not only is Griffin excellent at interpreting directions but he also brings his own ideas to the project that invariably make it better. He’s also completely egoless when it comes to receiving feedback. His sole focus is making the project as good as it can be. He also takes deadlines very seriously and needs very little outside motivation to hit them.
Marc Lombardi (Writer & Editor / PR & Marketing) 2012
Griffin's art ability is only matched by his creativity -- both of which are impressive. He has worked on multiple commissioned pieces of artwork for me and each one has been better than imagined.
Erica Templeman (Marketing and Fashion Entreprenuer) 2012
Griffin has always brought my craziest ideas to reality with illustration. Exceptional talent, delivered on time/as agreed, and was easy to work with. Highly recommend for any sort of illustration work.
Shaded Areas Illustration
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