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Tourism Queensland: The Best Job in the World

Deconstruction of a Brief

Emma Macintyre

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Tourism Queensland: The Best Job in the World

u3081203, u3081518, u3052663 TOURISM QUEENSLAND'S Tourism Queensland Tourism Queensland prides themselves on being the most progressive destination management organization in Australia.

All of Tourism Queensland's strategies and activities are developed in close consultation with the industry and aim to meet the changing needs of the industry they serve. Solving a problem: Tourism Queensland realized that there was no international awareness about their major tourist attraction the Great Barrier Reef and in doing so make it a more desirable island holiday.

•Queensland’s international visitors where declining. Reasons for the Campaign 1.Increase international/local tourism to GBR

2.Create idea that GBR is a tourism experience

3.Continuous advertising/awareness in
international markets through final blog

4.Research and environmental analysis Campaign Objectives Researched popular destinations these include: Hawaii, the Caribbean Islands, the Maldives and the Greek Islands. Research •United Kingdom (29% of current total visitors to the Great Barrier Reef)
•Europe (23% of current total visitors to the Great Barrier Reef)
•USA (12% of current total visitors to the Great Barrier Reef)
•Japan (11 % of current total visitors to the Great Barrier Reef)
•Germany (9% of current total visitors to the Great Barrier Reef)
•New Zealand, New Caledonia, Ireland & Nordic regions, Singapore, Malaysia, India, China, Taiwan and Korea •The environment in which the campaign was to launch had many interesting challenges; l There was a pending State election, and as Tourism Queensland is a government linked agency, this created some uncertainty as to timing and government responses

•The Global Financial Crisis was in full swing and taking its toll on tourism, airlines and travel companies the world over

•Consumer spending in most markets was reducing and unemployment rising, creating a mood of uncertainty at best and pessimism at worst.
•The “Australia” campaign and movie had launched. Both have been reported to not having made a significant impact on the world market The Environment •Email marketing, Internet display, Internet microsites, Newspapers (national), Newspapers (local), Online video, Social media, Word of mouth

•The “Best Job in the World” campaign initially focussed on its presence in social media, with an initial budget of around 1.5 million USD; this budget was used to fund both the initial social media campaigns (which were covered by news media in many countries).

•News media from many stations around the world (including Fox News, etc, etc) reported on the “Best Job in the World” campaign, providing a wide interest in the campaign and its component competition. (Maybe show video with news coverage?)

•The “Best Adventures in Queensland” YouTube channel was a showcase of the contestants’ application videos, a place to keep up public interest by broadcasting the resulting shortlist of winners’ exploits on Hamilton Island, and a stage for announcing the winner of the competition, Ben Southall. It has, as of this year, had 1,776,220 video views. Media Description Campaign Plan Social Media Launch Winner Announced +Blogger is born Launch Stage 2 Pre-Luanch Consumer Involvement Launch Stage 1 Main Objective: Awareness Main Objective: Traffic to Website Main Objective: Media Hype Accommodation Takings March Quarter Previously known as CumminsNitro in 2007, SapientNitro became effective as of 2009 when the Nitro network took a 50% share of the business and merged with professional services company Sapient, established in 1991 and based in the United States.
SapientNitro is a globally recognised company with an independent Australian agency.
Present day, Tourism Queensland is their only travel related client. SapientNitro US has represented Colorado Vail Ski Resort in previous years. SapientNitro Australia None of this 'fly and flop' business! The modern holiday is all about immersion and experience! TARGET AUDIENCE MEASURES OF EFFECTIVENESS •The “Best Job in the World” campaign received a large amount of media coverage around the world, and, as a result, reached a large consumer base.

•Though it reached a large amount of consumers over the campaign’s span, the “Best Job in the World” campaign’s success at making consumers aware of the GBR tourism market did not necessarily translate into more money or trips to the GBR region

•Data shows that tourism to the GBR region decreased over the year of the campaign, and in subsequent years. CONCLUSION Guest Nights Occupied March Quarter Awards and Creation Ralph Barnett and Cristian Staal are the creators of the “Best Job in the World” campaign for Tourism Queensland. They are now promoted as the creative heads for SapientNitro in Brisbane.
The 'Best Job Ad' was the agency's most successful campaign, and SapientNitro has continued to win awards both globally and locally for creative initiative. This includes:
-CumminsNitro Brisbane was ranked the ninth agency in the world; Tourism Queensland was named eighth best advertiser behind the giants like Nike, Mars and Ikea
-MIXX gold awards from The Interactive Advertising Bureau, 2010 and 2011
-three Grand Prix and five Gold Lions at the Cannes Advertising Awards
-shortlisted in 2010 for the Warc Prize for Ideas and Innovation Targeting eight key markets: UK, USA, Asia, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and Nordic regions. Sure, the rest of the world believes the Great Barrier Reef is a must see destination, but are unaware of the islands and the value they add to the Australian experience. Don't just come for a day- immerse in the culture and beauty of the majestic islands... The campaign appealed to aim to everyone- to achieve the set targets, they created a reason for people all over the world to engage with the destination and aspire to experience it. Simply, they tapped into a universal desire for a job that sounds too good to be true‚ with no limitations! Anyone from anywhere in the world could apply.
The target? "Global Experience Seekers" more than likely self-challengers, youthful travellers, (18-28) have a higher education, access to new technologies and want more out of their holiday than your standard tour.

In an age where holiday snaps can be shown-off during the holiday, (via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc) travellers want to 'get amongst it' and move beyond major cities.

As the campaign grew, the target audience became only half of the overall submissions, as the only requirement to enter was to make a video! No single tourism campaign, and potentially no single campaign has ever had such a significant reach globally, across all modern media formats and generated such a high volume and highly impassioned response.

Why is the lotto so effective? People want a big reward for not much effort! Yet as the entire population all want the same thing, The Best Job In The World was more than just winning a competition- it's scoring a job.

DIRECT Response
- 34,684, one minute video job applications from 200 countries (applications from every corner of the globe, except Western Sahara).
The target was 14,000.
- Over 475,000 votes for Wild Card applicants.
- 154,437 individuals subscribed to news updates from the site.

- Web stats of over 8.7 million visits to the website with over 55 million page views.
- Global reach has been achieved as part of the objectives as illustrated by the international site traffic.
- A Google search for “best job in the world island” achieved about 52,500,000 listing and 43,603 news story listings at the height of the campaign. SOCIAL MEDIA:

- A Google blog search for “best job in the world” generated 231,355 blogs at the height of the campaign.
- The connection to social media cannot be fully measured. However an indication is the fact that Facebook has referred 371,126 visits, the highest referrer after Yahoo and Google.
- The videos produced content to show what it was like to work there, and have been viewed over 392,986 times.*
- In terms of consumer generated content in the video applications alone, there is now 578 hours of content on Youtube and similar sites.
-The perfect plan of social media- plant the seed, watch it grow, watch a seed fall and watch it grow...
-Hype about hype
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