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White Holes

No description

Regina Mckinley

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of White Holes

White Holes
By: Regina McKinley
Sebastian Zubek
Joshua Valles
What Are white holes?
White Holes are theoretical Math statements. They're not things that actually exist. In the article on www.universetoday.com it states, "It's not like astronomers detected an unusual outburst of radiation and then developed hypothetical white hole models to explain them" White holes are basically and reverse black hole. black holes suck everything in and white holes burst everything out.

How do White holes form ?
According to www.universetoday.com "white holes are created when astrophysicists mathematically explore the environment around black holes,but pretend there's no mass within the event horizon.
What's The Difference Between Black hole & White holes?
i know from the article Futurism, The difference between a black hole and a white is that a black hole is a thing that at its event horizon sucks in all mass and light where as a white hole at its event horizon it spews out mass and light.
How Does A white hole work?
A White hole blast's out light and mass. it does this because of it's gravitational push . one of the many theories about white holes is that black hole and the white hole are connected by a wormhole.
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The Difference Picture
What would happen if you witnessed a white hole?
If you ever witnessed a white hole, you would probably die. Because of the event horizon being so strong you probably wouldn't be able to get anywhere close to it. cause its the opposite of a black hole. If you ever get close to a black hole your stuck there for eternity and you obviously will die
"White Holes: An Impossible Possibility." YouTube. Accessed March 09, 2016.
"What Are White Holes? Can We Use Them as Wormholes?" YouTube. Accessed March 09, 2016.
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