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The Holy Spirit


Susan Vandermeer

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of The Holy Spirit

Sustaining Gifts

A branch will sprout from the root of Jesse, and from his root a flower will rise up: and the spirit of the Lord will rest upon him: a spirit of wisdom and of understanding, a spirit of counsel and of fortitude, a spirit of knowledge and of piety, and he shall be filled with the spirit of fear of the Lord.
Isaiah 11:1-3
The Holy Spirit
What are the Gifts?
On earth the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
perfect our relationship with God and they protect us against temptation and evil trials.

We will have these gifts on earth and in heaven to live fully with God, forever.
The Gift of Piety/Reverence
The Gift of Fear of the Lord
The Gift of Knowledge
The Gift of Fortitude
When do we receive the Gifts?

Thomas Aquinas tells us that we need the Gift of Fear of the Lord to show proper reverence to God and to be completely devoted to him.

Fear is the foundation to all the other gifts
When we have fear we do NOT want to separate from God and we withdraw from evil knowing that separation from the Holy One would offend God.
This is why we need to be in "AWE" of or "Fear" the Lord.
Like Jesus tells us in the greatest commandment, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind"
Paying homage to God and worshiping with love, thanksgiving, and devotion.
This gratitude extends to anyone who is a source of our life, maturity, development, and our enrichment.
Through the gift of knowledge the Holy Spirit guides
our judgement so that we can recognize :
God & the light of faith in the world around us.
When someone has the gift of knowledge they are able to judge what resembles the perfect knowledge of God.
Good Judgement
Courage is the firmness of mind and spirit that we need
to do good and to endure evil.
an unshakable confidence that get us through the trials of life and into heaven
enduring suffering & do what is truly good - even if we will suffer for it

Blessings to our souls
Evident in our Blessed Mother who was the most perfect dwelling place of the Holy Spirit.
Leading us to greater purity, love and holiness
They make our hearts more sensitive to God
The gifts make us able to obey God and take delight in doing his will
The Gift of Counsel
The Gift of Understanding
The Gift of Wisdom
Through the gift of counsel the Holy Spirit:
provides a person with right judgment
helps a person in a dilemma
helps a person act with discretion/prudence for the truth
preserves a good conscience
provides solutions to difficult and unexpected situations
helps a person give counsel to others, especially in matters of personal sanctification and salvation.
The gift that makes us desire to know God better and to know what God has said to us.
gives us access to a knowledge we could never reach on our own.
a deeper understanding of the Sacred Scripture
our minds are enlightened
Wisdom is the gift that helps us to know God's plan and purpose for us and belongs to the person who knows the ultimate highest cause of all is God
the gift of wisdom empowers us to judge correctly
the gift of wisdom abides in those who live in a state of grace, free from sin
Works Cited
Based on the writings of St. Thomas Acquinas

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