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KSU Update 150913

Programme Update on Phase 1 Delivery to GSTT / KCL

mark bonnett

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of KSU Update 150913

Electronic Dental Record Project..update!!
So lets get to the
of the matter - just whens this going to happen and what does it look like???
Planning a delivery of a new
system is like planning a trip
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
So we started to review what we do as a whole and what's important to us at KSU?
What's best practice for Dentistry and students in KSU? How can we make best use of this system and business change opportunity?
What can the system do for us??
Is needed to find out more about all the things that are essential for us and to give our staff and students benefit in SALUD
Specialty Research / Fact Finding

Who does what
Current processes / paper / person and other 'systems'
Things that work well
Things that could be improved
How and who can embed change here
Overall Department Research / Fact Finding

Who does what
How it affects our patients
What are our workflows
What are the GAP's
What assets do we have (people AND physical)
Establish essential governance issues
What are our colleagues around the world doing with SALUD?

Presentation by peer's on the challenges faced and overcome with the deployment of such a a large change.
Lessons Learned
What is the system capable of now AND in the future
What do WE want now and in the future
How can we influence systems changes and development now and in the future
So we've listened and TTH are here to facilitate what we at KSU do by:
Training all key members of staff involved in the decision making process on the current system configured for KSU. This is to determine and understand what works whilst working to discover what doesn't by the 26th of September.
Providing a detailed, documented response to how our EDR needs at KSU will be met and when
Re-planning the deployments to clinics to allow for 'pilot time' and smoke test the solution before any transitions occur to clinics or students
Need to continue to understand our
Assets.. staff
patients needs
and progress to meet our tight
to figure the details and what goes where?
So, what's the outlook....
When is this all going to happen?
We wanted to see what all our coleagues in other Dental Schools ware doing to and work with the
So...With a fair amount of
we aim to have a live paperlight system in use in pilot specialities with
student grading agreed

by the end of
December 2013!!

Soooo.. what have we been up to??????????
Pilots aimed to be started in specialist areas
by end of November, start of Go-Live in
January 2014!
Thank YOU..!
Though this is just the start
of making the system our own (GSTT / KCL / KHP)
We have to take a good look at what we do considering both the now and the future...
The knowledge quest is an operation in Itself!!
A bit more ....
Sharing of data and clinical research can start as soon as we have data loaded!
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