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Civics-Final Summative Reflection

No description

Lexi Grabowski

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Civics-Final Summative Reflection

Civics-Final Summative Reflection
What is the relationship between someones values and their position on civic issues?
What do you think is the most important reason for engaging in civic action? What are some ways that i can make my voice heard?
The most important reason for engaging is to learn about how things work in the real world, and Civic Mirror is very much like the real world.
Example: all of the meetings were set up the same way as they are in the real world. The only thing that was different was that there wasn't as many people in the meetings as there is in the real world.
How can we encourage others to become involved in civic life? What contributions can I make to my community?
We can convince others to become involved by telling them how it can benefit them.
Example: tell them that it can really help them learn how Canada works, and it can help them with future jobs, because they now know how things work.
Why might some people's perspectives be valued more than those of others?How can you voice your opinion on issues of inequality/social justice?
What are my rights and responsibilities as a citizen in my local community?
A right that I had as a citizen was Freedom of Speech. For example, everyone had the right to speak their mind. In Town hall you were able to say anything you needed to say.
Example: you could make complaints without anyone judging you about it.
A responsibility I had as a citizen was to Follow the Law. For example if you developed a nature hex without permission, you would be taken to court and you would get a punishment.
Example: the government did not power the healthcare hex and he was taken to court and had to power all the important things by the end of the week or he had to step down as Prime Minister.
Some people tried to view things from other peoples perspectives but it didn't always work out.
Example: Breanna was a humanitarian and wanted to be able to help every citizen in the country, and she wanted to make a law that everyone got food and a home even if they didn't have the money. Jordan tried to understand why she wanted it but he didn't agree with it.
A way i can get my voice heard is participate in Town Hall. Everybody has to listen to what you have to say in Town Hall and they can even give feedback.
Example:when the government was charging $100 for healthcare I brought it up in Town Hall and everybody said what they thought should be done.
Contributions i can make to my community is put your opinions out is put your opinions out for everyone to hear. Then if they aren't sure what to do, you can help them.
Example: Tamara wasn't sure how much to charge for rent so she asked many people and they gave their opinion.
Some peoples might be valued more than others because their perspective might not be as clear and understanding as others.
Example:If a citizen had a perspective against the governments perspective, they would value the governments more because he has more authority.
I can voice my opinion on inequality by telling someone about the part from the Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is being violated.
Example:If you are being treated unfairly, you can tell people in town hall about it and then you can take the person to court.
By: Lexi Grabowski
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