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No description

Ashley Blake

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of TODALS

Why is this important?
A good title explains the location shown and also explains the maps themes.
It answers the question, "What is the map showing?"
Orientation means that directions are indicated on a map so that it can be laid flat and turned so that the directions match real life. This is most often shown using a compass rose.
Map readers need to know when a map is made. Some maps become outdated very quickly while some stay useful for a longer amount of time.
The author is the cartographer. This is the person who gathered, compiled, and chose what to show and how to show it.
compass rose
What is this showing?
When was this map created?
Who created this map?
A map legend explains how information is shown and how to read and understand a map.
Where might I eat lunch?
S=Source, Scale, Spacial Information
Where the mapmaker got their information.
Spacial Information
This is in reference to the choices of what information to show and what information to leave out of your map in order to make people see what you want them to see.
This shows how much distance on the map represents how much distance in real life.
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