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Student life guide

No description

Tatyana Dikareva

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Student life guide

International Student Advisor (ISA)
Student Life guide
...are here to help with:
Medical insurance and medical needs
Translation help with doctors, lawyers, officials etc
TRU policies and procedures
Referrals to academic support and liasion with faculty
Visa regulations and applications
Post-graduation work permit support
First things to do :

1. Activate yout MyTRU e-mail account: from now on
the important correspondences will be via MyTRU email
Day-to-day challanges (personal or social matter)
Accommodation issues
Cultural adjustment
Connecting with Canadian students and culture
Any other questions or concerns you may have

Medical Insurance

Governement Medical insurance: Medical Service Plan (MSP)
Students with Study Permits are elligible for MSP. All BC residents must be registered with MSP.
There is a four (4) months
waiting period
MSP pays for most mediacl expences HOWEVER some health costs are not covered (e.g. dentists and physoitherapists)
TRU has placed
ALL new
students on a temporary mandatory mediacl plan: Dec 20 - Apr 30.
Insurance monthly fee:

CAD$ 69.25
4 months fee will be charged from your student account
Canadian Life
Variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds

Defining characteristics for Canadian culture is

Many canadian identify themselves as Canadian, as well as their culture of ancestry (ex. Indo-Canadian or Italian Canadian)
TRU Services
ISAs (TRU World IB)
Councelling (OM1651)
Campus Clinic (OM 1461)
Wellness Centre (OM1631)
Writing Centre (OM2674)
Food bank (TRUSU)
Employment Centre (OM 1712)
Language labs (IB2057 & IB 2058)
Computer, Internet & printer on campus (OM, HOL, Old Library)
TRU Recreation (TRU Gymnasium)
Workshops (Check with your ISA)
2. E-mail scanned passport copy to your ISA
3. If you have a
private medical
insurance please see your ISA
before January 17.
4. See Academic Advising or Program Advisor to get enrolled into academic program
5. Print your class schedule through MyTRU account (Student Resources tab Print Schedule)
6. Apply for your Student ID Card (CAC, TRUSU)
Cultural Iceberg
Bus System
Tips to adjust
Medical Insurance
Students' responsibilities
Meet with your Academic Advisor a
one time per semester
Attend classes
Read Course Outline
Change, Add or Withdraw from a course with a "Cource Change Form"
Keep your address and contact phone # updated on your
account and notify admission office about changes
Keep up to date with your
Study Permit

If you already have private insurance please see your ISA
before January 17th

to opt-out of the plan
If you don't have insurance you must pay doctor or hospital yourself
Medical costs can be
very high
When MSP starts you will be issued Care Card with personal health number on it
Keep it with you at all times
Medical Emergencies
If you have a
serious accident
or suddenly become very sick, you should go to the emergency department of a hospital. Opened 24/7
If you are taking prescription medecine, take it with you
Walk-in clinics
for non-emergencies. Have doctors and nurses. No appointment needed
If you have completed MSP waiting period but haven't received Care Card you must pay for visit. Keep the receipt so you can ask MSP for a refund
Things concider innapropriate and can get you into serious trouble:
Harassment: physical/verbal/cyber
Trying to forcefully offer someone alcohol
Making racist comments and jokes

Things consider impolite
Being late for an appointment
Staring at other people
Not lining up to wait for your turn
Asking for someone's age
Talking about salary or wages
Blurping and Slurping
Talking with food in your mouth
Not looking at someone when talking to them
Not tipping at restaurants
Spitting in public
Canadian Customs
Tap Water
Life in Kamloops
Useful links:


On-line bus schedule:
Transit system is not that frequent
Refer to bus Schedule at all times
Be at the bus stop 10 min before the bus is scheduled to arrive
Get on the bus from the front-door; leave the bus from the back-door
Show your U-Pass to the driver as enter the bus
Pull the string if stop required
Can be expensive ($10 from TRU to Downtown)
Price cannot be negotiated - determined by the distance travelled
Call 10-20 min in advance:

Kami Cab:
250-374 - 5151
Yellow cab:
250-374 - 3333
Life in Kamloops cont...




Aberdeen mall
Kamloops is known as a safe city however we do experience some crime.

Campus Security:
Police (non-emergency):
Police, Fire, Ambulance

- On-Campus: register for

- Off campus
- Jay walking
- Proper license, ICBC & Cervice BC location
- Driving and bicycles rules
Do NOT dial 911 unless there is an emergency
Culture shock & homesikness
Academic Challanges
Accommodation and housing issues
Personal problems (Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Social)
Not knowing norms and rules
Culturally biased expectations and attitudes
Assumption of similarity rather than diversity
Cultural and Linguistic capital
Cultural self-awareness
Encourage appreciation of diversity
Cultivate relationships with others outside of your identity circles
Think and act inclusively: concider and invite other perspectives

For more tips please refer to the Student Life guide
Orientation week Agenda
TRU Services
Your Next Few Steps
International Students' Responsibilities
Medical Insurance
Life in Canada and Life in Kamloops
Challanges to be faced
Tips to Adjust
ISA Outreach services


- Table A
Mondays: 10 am - 2 pm

06, 13, 20, 27
03, 10, 24
03, 10, 17, 21, 31
International Student Advisor Team Mobile Services

- Table A
Wednesdays: 10 am - 2 pm

. 08, 15, 22, 29
05, 12, 26
05, 12, 19, 26
02, 09
To Sum Up
Private Medical (Guard Me):
Dec 20 - Apr 30
MSP as of May 2014 with Care Card arriving end of May / beginning of June
ISA will help you to contact MSP for your Personal Health Number
$277 charge for 4 months
Did You know?
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