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Hungary II.

No description

zsofi turi

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Hungary II.

Hungary Where is Hungary? Some basic info Area: 93000 km2

Population: 9,5 000 000

Capital city: Budapest

Language: Hungarian Hungarian Folk Dance/Costumes Different steps, style Alone, in pairs, in circle 2-4 skirts Women spangled shirts, shoes more simple fancy work Men Dances, effects especially from
Romania Cultural differences bowing vs handshake (kisses on the cheek)
tie contact vs eye contact
sniffling vs nose blowing Budapest Business School One of the biggest state owned university
Specializing in international business and economics
In 43 countries with 201 universities (Erasmus, Ceepus-program) Gastronomy Cooking is important

Main ingredients:
paprika, onion, garlic,fat, salt, pepper

Eating habits Computer - Neumann János, 1944 Hungarian inventions Soda Water - Jedlik Ányos, 1826 Biropen - Bíró László, 1931 Rubik’ Cube -Rubik Ernő, 1976 Safety Match - Irinyi János, 1836 Vitamin C - Szentgyörgyi Albert, 1932 Automatic Gearbox - Bíró László, 1932 Gömböc - Domokos Gábor, Várkonyi Sándor, 2006 Kodály Method - Kodály Zoltán, 1925 Dobos Cake - Dobos József, 1884 Excel - Simonyi Károly, 1978 Famous places in Budapest Chain Bridge Buda Castle Heroes Square Parliament Leisure time in Hungary Tea and coffee houses: Sirius, Vörös oroszlán (Red Lion), Sugar shop
Underground pubs: Csendes, Szimpla-kert, Instant
Party places: White angel, Studio, Gödör Club, Corvin Tető How to have fun in Hungary in the Japanese way? AnimeCon
Japanese party (J-pop, J-rock)
Karaoke Sightseeing opportunities Aggtelek Balaton Dunakanyar Hévíz Hortobágy Esterházy castle Sümegi castle Gödöllői castle Festetics castle Thank you for your attention
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