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anatomy of the arm

introductory lecture for medical students

Marc Vorstenbosch

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of anatomy of the arm

The arm serves the hand
(degrees of freedom) Functional anatomy of the human arm Shoulder Elbow Wrist Radio-ulnar joint Stricly: Shoulder girdle comprises:
sterno-clavicular joint
acromio-clavicular joint
glenohumeral joint (scapulo-thoracic joint) Osteology sternum
humerus Osteology humerus
radius strictly: joint between
humerus/radius Elbow
Movements flexion / extension
(transverse axis & saggital plane) Thanks for watching this Prezi
It is not finished but @ least I catch my drift Marc Vorstenbosch, MSc
Assistant professor of Anatomy
University Medical Center Nijmegen
The Netherlands
April 19th 2010
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