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Copy of Composition Writing with Flashback as Introduction

No description

gin panghulan

on 30 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Composition Writing with Flashback as Introduction

What are flashbacks?

A look into the past by one of the characters
Writers use flashback to give the audience some background information
When characters are shown in a flashback, they are often younger.
Key to writing flashback
Make sure the flashback is important to the story.
Keep the flashback short so the readers do not get lost.
Have strong visual imagery in the flashback.
Include the main character in the flashback.

Description of setting
Sense of foreboding

5Ws and 1Hs
Make sure the complication is problematic enough
Include a second complication
Choose a moment to explode
Solve the problem
Tie back to the introduction
Lesson learnt
End with a rhetorical question
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