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Global Studies pd. 5/6

Jordan Kehr

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Seismology

Ancient Chinese Seismology Mr. Wise Guy The Invention The Overall Importance
Global Impact 古代中國地震 The inventor of the first seismometer
was a Chinese mathematician/scientist/inventor
named Chang Heng from the Han Dynasty. by: 約旦凱漢弗

A.K.A: Me He was really smart and was recognized
by the emperor for his unique skills in
astronomy and mathematics.
Ancient Chinese Story:
After Heng showed his invention to the court,
the seismometer detected a tremor from an earthquake in the northwest.

Other scientists wanted to make him admit that it is a failure since they didn't feel any tremor.

A couple days later, a messenger from a city 400 miles northwest told them that an earthquake had occurred.

For example: 400 miles is almost as far as from Littlestown, PA to the North Carolina Outer Banks. Before The Chinese believed earthquakes occurred
because the gods in heaven were upset and that there were disturbances with cosmic yin and yang.

The ancient Chinese did not know that the shifting of tectonic plates caused earthquakes. They did not have any way of finding out when and
where earthquakes occurred until a messenger was sent.

Word of mouth was the only way to know if a natural disaster happened or not in a distant land. With this invention, the Chinese were able to quickly find out and respond to an earthquake. They could send supplies to neighboring villages, who were affected by the earthquake, more quickly. Heng's seismometer was made out of cast bronze and
it was a total of 6 ft. in diameter. Unfortunately, the original seismometer was lost. The way the device indicated an earthquake was the falling of a ball from the dragon into the mouth of a toad.

The direction of the earthquake is detected by the position of the toad which swallowed the ball. The outside of the device was covered with reoccurring symbols of mountains, turtles, birds, animals and ancient text.

Also on the outside were eight dragons whose mouths each held a bronze ball.

Around the bottom of it sat eight toads lined up to the dragons with their mouths open and looking up. Personal Thoughts:
I wonder if the Ancient Chinese thought that toads had something to do with earthquake detection.

In present time, scientists are researching whether or not living toads can or can not determine that an earthquake happened or is on its way. With this key device, China has increased their knowledge in technology and their total understanding of nature. Other nations soon found out about this discovery and they could also help their own kingdom more quickly.

This device has gotten updated by scientists around the world too make it more efficient in determining where earthquakes happened. Small Replicas Please support the
"Save the Seismograph Corporation" No one should ever take this device for granted.
Think about it people...a musical instrument or perhaps a native fruit/vegetable can not...

And I repeat CAN NOT...

Save this earth, in which we live on, from total annihilation of the whole human race.

With this key device, we can sense earthquakes' tremors and find out where they occurred.

With this information, we can help others far away in distant kingdoms by offering our full attentive support and long lasting friendship.

PLEASE people, I am begging you to put on your caring hearts.

DO NOT FORGET that World Peace is the #1 priority and that in order to accomplish this, we must all join hands and help the needy.

"Do unto others, as you would want done unto you."
The Golden Rule
Jordan Kehr
presents He was born in 78 A.D. and died in 139 A.D. First Seismometer
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