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No description

eduardo r.

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of RUBIES BY EDUARDO R.

beliefs and history
Some people say that if you wear your birthstone gem on your birthday it will bring good luck.
value of birthstone

Rubies are sold for 2,000$ or more per carat.Rubies are precious.The ruby is used for many stuff including rings, earrings,necklesses etc.Rubies are priced depending on the hue, saturation and the tone.
regions where found
Hey everyone, today i will be presenting my gemstone project.My presentation will be about rubies!!!!!!!!!!! Did you know that the name of my birthstone RUBY comes from the Latin word Ruber witch means red . My birthday is on July 3rd 2002.To my research there are no more birthstones or july.I am not certain of that but I couldnt find any more birthstones.So enough talking lets get with the show!!!!!
In ancient Burma warriors thought that if you wear rubies in battle you will be invincible
Some people also believe that the red color of the ruby represents eternal flame.
It was also said that if you wear a ruby helmet it will take away half of the enemies strength.
Physical properties

Table of contents
2.beliefs and history
3.physical properties
4.value of birthstone
5.regions where found
The ruby is rated 9 on the MOHS scale .
The precise colors of the ruby are Pale pink or Pigeons blood.
The ruby is formed from corundum.The rubies melting point is 2044 degrees Celsius.The ruby has a white streak.Amongst the natural gems only Moissonite and Diamond are harder.
the ruby's chemical formula is Al2O3:Cr.

The ruby can scratch any mineral below 9 in the MOHS scale.Also

. They are found in many places of the earth including Tanzania, Madagascar, Thailand,Burma, and Pakistan. They are also found underneath the receding ice shelf of Greenland.

I could not find any human rights issues about the ruby.
What i enjoyed the most about this prezi is learning new stuff about the ruby.The most memorable thing I learned is that rubies are one of the worlds most recognized gem
8. bibliography
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