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All About Me

Template for students to introduce themselves to the class and to using Prezi

Angela Marquart

on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of All About Me

I was born in Bucyrus Community Hospital, Bucyrus, Ohio USA on May 12th, but I have lived in New Washington, Ohio most of my life.
I attended Buckeye West Elementary School and Buckeye Central High School. I also attended Tiffin University and Ashland University to earn my Associates degree in Business Administration, Bachelors degree in Comprehensive Business Education and my Masters degree in Technological Education.
My dream job would be
I have been to Tunisia and to the United States to visit my family during the past year.
My family consists of me, my father (Roger), my mother (Juleen), my older sister (Lisa), and my younger sister (Sheila). I also have two nephews and four nieces.
I believe that some of my best teachers where effective because they were tough and had high expectations for student achievement.
What I find most interesting is how technology has taken over our lives, and how many people are addicted to their personal device(s).
In the future I plan to/hope to:
I would describe myself as organized, serious, hardworking, short, honest and trustworthy. I also love many different kinds of music.
One of the most memorable experiences of my life
In my spare time I
My idea of perfect happiness is
My favorite TV show is
I have tried most of the social media websites and I think they are a good way to stay connected . However, some people use them to cause drama and start fights with others. Social media has turned the world into digital socializing rather than facing others. If you are out to dinner with family or friends, talk to them and put your phone away!
My biggest fear is spiders. They are just creepy.
My goals for the remainder of this school year are:
If I had to teach something it would be
When it comes to using computers in the school
Something I struggle with is
My favorite subject in school was
My favorite subject was
I learn best by someone showing me and then trying it myself.
If I knew nobody would judge me,
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prohibited from fair use.
Final Thoughts?

The End.
Thank You For Being
A Wonderful Audience
The biggest problem facing the world today is...
25 Things to Know
About Miss Marquart
Favorite Actors
Favorite Actress
Drew Barrymore because she's down to earth and she is who she is.
Matthew McConaughey and Denzel Washington
Favorite Bands
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