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Number The Stars

Historical Fiction Book Report

Derek Zahnleuter

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of Number The Stars

Number the stars By lois Lowry Report by Derek Z. and Sam B. Exposition Characters Annemarie and her friend Ellen are racing each other home from school, when they are stopped by two Nazi soldiers.The soldiers ask what they are doing and let them go after a brief questioning. Annemarie
Papa Uncle Henrik
Ellen 's Parents
Peter Theme We thought that the theme of this book was be brave no matter how hard the obstacle in your way is. Conflict Rising Action Ellen's family and all the other jews in the country are being persecuted by the Nazis. In order for them to survive, they had to hide, sometimes in open sight. The first rising action was when all the businesses run by Jews started to close. It started slowly at first, with just the button store being closed, but soon all the stores, all the synagogues and all the schools were closed by the Nazis. The second rising action was when Ellen came to stay with Annemarie. The danger of Ellen staying with her Parents was too great, for they were all Jewish. Her parents hid from the Nazis, just as Ellen did, and eventually they were reunited. Climax The climax of this story is when the girls and Mama are at Uncle Henrik's house and during the night people start to arive for so called "Great Aunt Birte's" funeral. Except for there was no Great Aunt Birte and the casket was filled with clothes for the guests. Falling Action Resolution A falling action event was when after the Nazis had left he "funeral" for "Great Aunt Birte", Annemarie gets the hankercheif with the dog repelling scent to Henrik in time and the Jew's aren't discovered on the boat. The boat full of Jews arrives safely across the sea to Sweden. Falling Action A falling action event was when all the Jewish people at the "funeral" crept down to the docks and hid in a boat that would take them to Sweden. This happened soon after the climax, when the Nazi soldiers came in to the "funeral" for "Great Aunt Birte". The Jewish people were trying to make it to Sweden to escape the Nazis, for Sweden was free from Hitler's grasp. Ending In the end of the book the, Jews that Henrik took across the sea in the boat got to Sweden safely. Annemarie's family also returned home safely. The book ends by Annemarie asking Papa if he can repair Ellen's gold Star of David necklace. r56e6utu6trutyutyutyu Courageous Character We think Annemarie was the most courageous character because se was ready to do what he parents told her to, no matter how scared she was. Courageous Character Author's craft I think that the most courageous character in this book was Annemarie. I think that because the main theme of this book was about her being brave and courageous. In our perspective, she was most courageous when she found her mother laying in the path with a broken ankle, who instructs her to run as fast as she can to deliver the handkerchief. The author made her seem courageous by expressing Annemarie's feelings throughout the book. I think Lois Lowry made Number The Stars believable by not making anything too crazy happen. She also made it seem believable by giving the characters small flaws and weaknesses. Like when Annemarie would say she was scared, that showed a weakness, and made Annemarie seem real. Reaction I would suggest this book to a friend, because it is a well written, interesting book, though short. It lets the reader take a look at what the Jews of WWII had to go through, lets them see the bravery that must have taken place back then. I would suggest Number The Stars to a friend, because it is a wonderful tale of hope and courage. Teamwork Doesn't work! Herpderperpderphepderp Carbonated Milk!
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