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The Allegory of the Cave Model (Based on Flowers for Algernon)

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Amulya B

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The Allegory of the Cave Model (Based on Flowers for Algernon)

A Model of Plato's Allegory of the Cave
Based on Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes
By Amulya Balakrishnan, Harika Vasireddy, and Serin Mathew
This model of The Allegory of the Cave captures the true essence of Daniel Keyes' captivating novel.
This model causes people to deeply think about Flowers for Algernon and its symbolic aspects. It allows readers to ponder about the true meaning of the novel.

Norma- Pink is a very delicate color.
Charlie- Charlie's player piece is blue because it's a relatively neutral color.

Alice- Alice is purple because she is like Charlie's queen, and purple represents royalty.

Fay- Yellow is a very happy and vivacious color.

Nemur= Green represents science and knowledge.

Strauss- White is a very innocent color.

Rose- Red represents blood, and strife. Also, roses are generally red.
Flat board- the floor and wall
Styrofoam ball- sun
Red, orange, and yellow felt- fire
Gold jewel-coated cardboard pieces- stairs
Silver paper- shadows and the walkway
Mask- Represents God/ supreme beings
Represents education.

Charlie was walking up "the steps" when he was learning various topics after his operation.
Represents God/ a supreme being.

Religion vs. Science was a motif in the novel, and is a conflict that is prevalent in our society today.
Cylindrical styrofoam pieces represent all of the characters in the book.
Represents the epitome of knowledge and educational fullfillment.
Burns eternally, and helps cast shadows on the wall that the prisoners face.
These are the objects that cast a shadow on the wall that the prisoners face.

Mixer: Learning how to operate the mixer was a huge milestone for Charlie.
Algernon: Symbolizes the experiment since the concept was tested on him.
Test tube: This object represents science.
Book: Represents education
These are shadows cast on the wall.
The ignorant prisoners believe that they are real because they haven't been exposed to education/ knowledge.

These are the prisoners who are trapped inside the cave of ignorance At the end of the novel, Charlie is inside this cave because of his low IQ.
The End!!!
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