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Andrew Jackson Profile Page

No description

Zeshan Khan

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Andrew Jackson Profile Page

Work Experience
Status Update
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One man with courage makes a majority.
At 13 fought the British in the American Revolution.
Member of Congress
War Hero in the War of 1812
7th President of the United States
Founder of Democratic Party

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Check out the party!
#AndrewJackson #OldHickory #PeoplesPresident
Studied law in North Carolina
Lives In
Born in a log cabin. Lives in the frontier.
Outside the White House after my Inauguration
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7th President of the United States
My Profile
Times are changing :)
#AndrewJackson #OldHickory

Washington and his Cabinet
Political Discussions in the 1830s
The Election of 1824
The #CorruptBargain
The Candidates
Andrew Jackson -
John Quincy Adams -
Henry Clay -
William Crawford -
Jackson won the popular vote, but no candidate won the electoral vote.

Therefore the vote went to the House of Representatives to decide the presidency.
John Quincy Adams
Andrew Jackson
Henry Clay (who disliked and distrusted Jackson) used his position as Speaker of the House to help elect Adams. In return, Clay would be Adams' Speaker of the House.

After Adams Became President he then appointed Clay Secretary of State!
Henry Clay
So corrupt!
Why did he feel this was a "Corrupt Bargain"
Status Update
John Quincy Adam's presidency suffered from the perception that he had unfairly won the 1824 election, and the next election (VS Jackson) became a bitter campaign.
Considered #MostViscious campaign to that date.
#CommonMan #AndrewJackson
He had won the popular vote in 1824 but lost... in 1828 he won both the popular & electoral vote - this time it was what the people wanted. #PeoplesPresident
Voting rights had changed:
White males, 21 or older who did not own property, could now vote for the first time.
Democracy was extended to more people! #OldHickory
Washington, Dc
Where my friends @MVanBuren @RogerTaney ! #Spoils #System
Jacksonian "Spoils System" consisted of "turning out" many government employees and replacing them with his loyal supporters.
John Calhoun - Woah don't know if this is a great idea...
Jackson removed 919 government employees.
What are some negative aspects of the spoils system?
Washington, DC
Kitchen Cabinet
White House
"Kitchen Cabinet"
functioned as Jackson's unofficial advisers. This group consisted of the press, democratic leaders, loyal supporters and friends.
Met in the Kitchen to discuss politics
What is a positive aspect of the Kitchen Cabinet?
What is a negative aspect of the Kitchen Cabinet?
The Bank of the United States...
Originally part of
Federalist Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan.
The Bank's purpose was to regulate America's economy and handle the nations currency.
Jackson thought the bank was too powerful
Jackson saw the powerful Bank president,
Nicholas Biddle
, and bank administrators as a privileged few who enriched themselves at the expense of the nation and its citizens. Biddle further angered Jackson by ordering a cutback on loans to farmers (Common Man).
I will kill it!
Andrew Jackson did not allow the renewal of The Bank Charter.
Jackson was supported and re-elected. By 1836 the charter was not renewed and the Bank was closed.
1928 added to $20 replacing Grover Cleveland
The Nullification Crisis
Congress passed the Tariff Bill of 1828 which was the highest import tax ever.
This was a
"protective tariff" , (a tax on imports aimed at protecting Northern industry)
. This increased tariffs on goods from Europe.
This protective tariff hurt southern planters because they depended on trade with Europe. The high tariffs meant Southerners still sold their cotton to Europe, but paid more for European imports
What are some positive aspects of the spoils system?
John Calhoun - NOT COool! This is an abomination to our "States Rights." I will be handing you my letter of resignation. South Carolina will not allow for this to pass.
South Carolina threatened to
if the tariff was not lifted.
What are Jackson's options?
He could send in the military and force South Carolina to obey, he could ignore the situation, or compromise on the tariff ...
I'm back!
Henry Clay
Henry Clay designed a compromise that lowered the tariff but gave the President more power to use force if a state threatened to secede.
Predict any future implications of this "force measure."
A president could use troops if conflict or opposition arises.
The Trail of Tears
In a desire to attract more settlers, Georgia began moving Native Americans west and offering their lands for sale. Not all Americans agreed to this.
However, Jackson did not believe that it was in his power as president to interfere with Georgia's right to remove the natives.
Instead Jackson pushed the
"Indian Removal Act"
through Congress and gave the President power to move Native Americans west of the Mississippi River.
The Cherokee nation refused to move & took their case to the U.S. Supreme Court. In
Worchester v. Georgia
the court ruled in favor of the Cherokees.
However, President Jackson refused to enforce the Court's ruling and allowed Georgia to proceed with the removal.
Thousands of Native Americans were relocated west of the Mississippi River, to "Indian Territory" (Oklahoma).

Besides losing their homeland, appx. 4,000 Cherokee died along the way from harsh conditions of the March conducted by U.S govt. troops
Cherokee - For generations, we had called the southern Appalachian our home. But now are being forced off our land..
Seminole - We will not leave Florida without a fight...
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