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GMO Dolion

No description

Sulaiman muhammad

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of GMO Dolion

The diolion has been genetically modified to show how far science has came. Scientist want to see how far science can go with DNA and cross fertilization, and the dolion is a very rare animal and scientist want to research more about it.
the dolion is a cross between a lion and a dog. There are only 3 dolions that exist in the laboratories. This is similar to the crossbreed of the lion and tiger or the liger.
How ?
Individual strands of DNA from each creature must be combined and inserted into a host egg.
In 2002, the first genetically modified dolion was made in a laboratory. after that the other two were made down the line.
scientist kmow just how far they can take science.
GMO Dolion
By:Sulaiman Muhammad

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