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Gerald R.Ford

38th President of the United States

Ali Corso

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of Gerald R.Ford

Gerald R. Ford 38th President Chief of State Pardoning of Nixon Unpopular Politically Detremental Courgeous Healing Other Issues 60% Dissaproval Ford pardoned Nixon after he
resigned due to his part in the
Watergate Scandal. Ford pardoned
Nixon so the country could move
forward & not be mired in the past 1974-1977 Chief Executive Gerald Ford had an outstanding Cabinet & White House staff.
He had to regain the American People's trust after the corruption of the Nixon administration in the Watergate Scandal. Members of Ford's staff: George H. Bush- CIA Director Dick Cheney-White House Chief of Staff Henry Kissinger- Secretary of State Alan Greenspan- Chief Economic Advisor Donald Rumsfeld- Secretary of Defense Chief Diplomat Helsinki Accords Ford signed the Helsinki Accords which aimed to reduce tensions with the Soviet Union. The agreement recognized the borders drawn in Europe after WWII. In the 1980's, Soviet Dissidents used the human rights provisions to successfully challenge communist rule. Apartheid:
a rigid policy of segergation of the non-white population US Policy was to support the Government of South Africa, which for decades practiced apartheid. Secretary of State Kissinger went to Zambia and announced that the US would no longer support a governement which practiced apartheid. Commander-In-Chief On May 14, 1975 days after Saigon fell,
Ford ordered US forces to retake the SS Mayaguez, an American merchant ship seized by Cambodian gunboats international waters 2 days earlier. The vessel was recovered and all 39 crewman were rescued.Unfortunatly 41 American soldiers lost their lives in preperation and the execution of the recovery mission. Chief Legistlator Ford championed policies & legislation
that brought about changes that are taken
for granted today. These included: Ira's
Title IX
Individuals With Disabilities Act Chief of Party In July of 1975, Ford announced that he would run for President in 1976. He campaigned across the country and defeated Ronald Regan to become the Republican candidate. Ford nearly lost to Carter 50% to 48%. During the campaign season in 1975 Ford made over 200 speaches & had two assassination attempts agaisnt him. His assassants were two crazed women from California. Chief Guardian of the Economy Assassination attempt by Sara Jane Moore Gerald Ford pioneered free enterprise, formulated tax & spending cuts & decontrolled energy prices to stimulate production. This lead to: Contained inflation Curbed Unemployment size & role of Federal Government
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