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Socratic Session II

Session II

Nicole Gattegno

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of Socratic Session II

Socratic Seminars
Preparing for the Seminar
Socratic Seminar
Starting the Socratic Process
"Before Socratic Seminar"
Marking the Text
What is it?
How do I use it?
When should I use it?
Why should I use it?
By the end of today, you will be able to use questioning and promote critical thinking to facilitate the Seminar.
Text Annotation
Text & Lessons for Teaching Literature
Chapter 4
Guidelines for Developing Questions
Bloom's & Costa's Levels of Questioning

Examine the text closely, identify
key ideas, issues, and values:
What puzzles me is...
I'd like to talk to other people about...
I'm confused about...
This is similar to what I know about...
The big idea(s) seem to be ...
I have a question about...
One way to use this idea might be...
Another point of view is... it means...
A Good Opening Question
Arises from genuine curiosity on the part of the leader;
Has no single or "right" answer;
Is framed to generate discussion leading to greater understanding of the ideas in the text;
Can best be answered by referencing the text
Opening, Core, & Closing Questions
Seminar "Cheat Sheet"
Before the Seminar
Socratic Seminar Preparation Worksheet
Question Template Groups
Close Reading
For Next Time
How did it go in your classroom?
We will be conducting a Seminar, you will need to annotate the two texts to prepare for the Seminar.
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