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[VOICEOVER] Finding Off-Campus Housing II

Taking advantage of the resources that Off-Campus Housing at the SRC provides to students searching for an apartment.


on 11 August 2014

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Transcript of [VOICEOVER] Finding Off-Campus Housing II

Contact Us
Thank you for joining us!
(212) 998-4411
OR give us a call!
If you have any questions,
please don't hesitate!
Starting Your Search
Housing Registry
for an

and how we can help.
Use the Off Campus Living website as your resource for every
step of your apartment search. It helps you understand
your needs and plan out a process that's right for you.
Off Campus Living Website
The Housing Registry is a great resource to start with
for NYU students and staff members.

Access the registry to search for housing through
your NYU Home account.
Registry opens in a new tab, so
make sure that your pop-up blocker
isn't preventing you from accessing
the website!
From here, you can:
1. Find Apartments
2. Find Roommates
A little bit of research and thought prior to beginning your search will
allow you to find better apartment options for yourself. Consider:
Long and short-term options
Nearby transportation
Deciding to room with a friend cuts down on cost, lets
you choose a more expensive neighborhood, but
considerably decreases how much privacy you have.
Find the right balance of cost, location, and privacy.
Once you know what you want, searching for your
new apartment is much easier. You can look in our
housing registry or on other websites for
apartments that match your criteria.
Once you've filled out
the search, just check
off the thumbnail
listings that interest
you, and press
view each of the
thumbnails as full
A sample of a full listing, complete with contact
information! Just click "NEXT" to view the next
listing you checked off in your quick thumbnail view.
You can go back to results and view listings on the
next page if you're done with the first.
1st Option = LIST A PROFILE
This allows you to list a roommate profile,
talk about yourself and what you are looking for.
This allows you to browse other listed profiles
and find a potential new roommate!
The office also holds roommate mixers and ice-cream socials
to help you meet potential new roommates.
Browse roommates based
on age, school, budget,
hobbies, etc.
If this option isn't working for you, then consider searching
for apartment SHARES instead. You can use the housing
registry to do that, and it'll allow you to search for rooms
within an apartment.
Apartment Listings
Links for finding apartments and the Housing Registry.
A compilation of all the resources we have to help you
decide if you want a roommate.
Get to know what New York City has to offer you and also learn more about the different neighborhoods.
NYC Resources
Meal Plan
Sign up for a nonresident meal plan.

Student Resource Center
Kimmel Center, Suite 210
[60 Washington Square South
New York, NY 10012]
Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Friday : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
*Office hours change during holidays and breaks
Q & A
General and legal tips on finding housing in the competitive NYC market. Do your research!
A list of outside search engines to help you find housing and the NYU Housing Registry.
Connect with Us!
Transfer Students
Off Campus Students
FB Housing Group
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