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Grade Eight Graduation

(2012-2013) Graduates: Tyler.H, Sheldon.J, Francis.D, Michelle.T, Kiara.E, Kristen.M, Miguel.T, Naaman.B, Allison.O, Sophie.E, Elijah.B, John.G, Celestina.T, Kody.N, Noel.B, Chrisnalyn.C, Ananya.X, Keiron.A, Michael.N, Andrew.L- Mr.Long

Ananya Xavier

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Grade Eight Graduation

Making the last one memorable... The Divine Infant Grade 8 Graduation The first few months... 12 of our Grade Eight students received the sacrament of Confirmation on the night of May 7th, 2013. Their names are Ananya, Chrisnalyn, Michael, Elijah, Sophie, Allison, Kristen, Andrew, John, Celestina, Kiara and Noel. 2012-2013 Lake Saint George Event #1: The Mini Olympics Event #2: Nature Photography Event #3: Instincts for Survival Grade 7-8 Overnight Trip
Dec.12th-14th,2012 Event #4: GPS Geocaching A hunt where the students played as different animals in the forest, collecting food,water and hunting each other down! The students went out around the lake taking pictures using the many different aspects of photography. These are some of the photos that were taken. The first event of the trip, students were put into 4 teams, playing against each other in mini sports events. The final event of the trip in which students, using GPS devices, went out around the forest looking for "Geocaches". The two "Poachers" Our Free Time: Dec 12th,2012 Dec 13th,2012 Dec 13th,2012 Dec 14th,2012 Girls Volleyball Tournaments The intermediate girls volleyball team competed greatly in the divisional volleyball tournament on November 22nd, which earned them a spot in the regional tournament, which was held on November 30th. Olympic Parade Students went to downtown Toronto, to the Parade celebrating the return of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Halloween The Grade 8 students helped organize Halloween play-day,
providing the younger students with a variety of games to
play while wearing their Halloween costumes! Feathers against bullying The Grade 8 class, divided into stations, help numerous classes design and create"Feathers against Bullying", which soon went onto a huge dove that was recorded in the Guiness book of world records.
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