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tehya orr

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by;jessica gull and tehya orr
Sudanese Genocide
Many of the citizens were brutally abused and killed.
The primary tribes that were singled out were the Fur, the Massaleit, and the Zaghawa. They were not driven apart by laws or propaganda.
The Sudanese government did not use anything to identify the primary victims by. Instead, they were simply identified by which tribe they were in.
The Sudanese government organized a Sudanese Arab militia called the Janjaweed . The Janjaweed killed millions of people who were from the Fur, the Massaleit, the Zaghawa.
The Darfurians weren't classified. They were in tribes of their own choice.
The Sudanese government has denied any connection with the Janjaweed and killings that have taken place

Country in Focus
Name: Sudan
Capital: Khartoum
Area (sq. mi.) : 728,215 sq. mi.
Population: 34, 318, 385
Political System: They have a federal representative democratic republic. Their president is Omar-al-Bashir.
% Population under 15: 41%
Literacy Rate of Males: 71.8%
Literacy Rate of Females: 50.5%
Life Expectancy of Males: 53
Life Expectancy of Females: 55.4
The GDP: $2,400
Examing Genocide
The Darfurian genocide took place because people from African tribal communities had challenged Khartoum's authoritarian rule.
Country or Region:
Political Structure/Form of Government
During the genocide, they kept the same form of government, which was a Federal Representative Democratic Republic.
Who were the Direct Perpetrators?
The direct perpetrators were the Janjaweed, an organized militia.
What race, ethnicity, or religion were they?
The Janjaweed were Sudanese Arabs. They were Muslim.
Indirect Perpetrators
The Sudanese government was an indirect perpetrator.
Position of Victims in Society
The Fur, the Massaleit, and the Zaghawa were non-Arabs. Most of them were Christian, which was part of the reason they were being prosecuted.
How Did the Genocide End?
The genocide never ended. It is still going on today.
The Darfurians didn't have any symbols that represented which tribes they were from
The primary victims of Darfur were placed in organized villages before the genocide began.
The genocide took place in Western Sudan, also known as Darfur.
Were the Perpetrators Brought to Justice?
The perpetrators were never brought to justice. The Janjaweed are still wreaking havoc today. The Sudanese government is continuing to stand by.
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