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Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

No description

Grace J

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson
Period G

My topic
Role of Horses in the Revolution
Colonial Food and Drinks
Attempted Assasination of George Washington - Paige Adams.
Background Information
Informational Facts
Women's Role in the Revolutionary War,Mary O.
Spies of the Revolutionary War- Twesha Modi
Culper Spy Ring

This was an American spy network operating during the war

It provided General Washington with intel.
Washington appointed Benjamin Tallmadge Director of Intelligence.
He created a numerical system to ensure the safety of his spies.
Agents and important people were thereafter referred as numbers,
There were 763 numbers used. For example, George Washington was referred as 711. 745 represented England, and New York was 727.

Important Spies in the Revolution
Most spies were female because they were considered

innocent and non-threatening.
They also were the spies that provided the most crucial information.
For example, one of the most significant agents was a female referred to as 335.
She had some of the most accurate intel.
She uncovered Benedict Arnold's treason and was behind the arrest of Major John André.
Her identity is still still kept a secret
Women in the camps
The patriot women who served in the camps were usually the wives,daughters and mothers of the soldiers.
They would nurse wounded and sick soldiers,cook for them and wash their clothing.
One nurse in the camp would attend to ten soldiers in need of care.
Some women were brave enough to disguise themselves as men and enlist in the army.
Important Women

Some women involved themselves in the Revolutionary War and made an impact.
Martha Washington traveled to the camps along side her husband. She personally visited the soldiers to ease their pain.
Sara Bache led an organization where her and other women bought goods for the soldiers with their own money.
Important Spies in The Revolution
Another spy was Sacagawea.
She was a scout and guide for Lewis and Clark while they were on they were on their reconnaissance mission secretly ordered by Thomas Jefferson.
She managed to save much of much of their information when the boat they were traveling in was capsized.
She, also introduced members of expedition to naturally available vegetation which enhanced their diets.
In addition, Sacagawea was a translator between explorers and native tribes.
How my topic relates to Chains
Spies in
, the main character, Isabel, is asked to be a spy for the Patriots.
She is caught and her Madam was going to punish her severely.
In the novel, the main character Isabel risks her life by bringing food to the imprisoned rebel soldiers. She saved most of them from dying of starvation.
My topic relates to the book Chains. The attempt of the assassination of George Washington was mentioned in the book. The killer, Thomas Hickey, was hung in Chains for attempting to assassinate George Washington.
Thomas Hickey was the person who plotted the assassination.
The plot was planned in jail. The Mayor of New York David Mathews and Governor of New York William Tyron were in on it too.
There was a total of 8 men on the assassination.
Thomas Hickey was a guard and solider for George Washington.
Colonial Food and Drinks
The Plotting
In the book chains, the Locktons are higher class colonist and what they eat is apart of there everyday lives. In this slide you will learn about the colonist breakfast, dinner, and desserts.
The plot:
Destroy the Kings Bridge at the Northern tip of New York City, to prevent reinforcements from American Soldiers.
After, one of the conspiracies would stab Washington and they would leave with victory.
Works Cited

Breakfast usually consisted of hot soup
a mixture of bean and herbs called bean porridge is another meal eaten at breakfast time
Hard cider was the main drink instead of coffee or tea
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History Museum. N.p.,n.d Web. 13 December 2013.
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The Aftermath of the Plot
Indian pudding was served with sauce and beef, potato, turnips and other vegetables.
Hard cider and Rum was the beverage of choice
The plot went under pay of Loyalist New York mayor David Mathews (he was arrested by Patriots) but he did escape.
Hickey tried to convince one of William Leary's employees to join the plot - resulting in the employee to tell Patriot troops of the planned assassination.
7 of Hickey's accomplices gave evidence against him.
Soon after, Hickey was sentenced to death for the attempted assassination of George Washington and was hung on June 28th, 1776 in New York City.
George Washington said after the hanging, "I am hopeful this example will produce many salutary consequences and deter others from entering into like traitorous practices."

Colonial Williamsburg electronic field trip:"Women of the
Trembly,Terri,"For the Cause:Women and War."http://
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In Chains, it describes people coming by in carriages, carts, and on horseback. There's more to the way of travel though, the horses used.

Women usually made pumpkin cookies for dessert
They also made cornmeal cakes, which are pancake type cookies
How my topic relates to Chains
Works Cited
N.p, n.d. Web.
13 Dec. 2013.
"Infobase Learning - Login." Infobase Learning - Login.
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Pumpkin cookies that wives and their daughters would cook for dessert.
Bean porridge is a type of soup containing herbs and beans usually eaten for breakfast.
Calvarymen needed horses to easily get across the battlefield and could carry more weight, and cover more ground on horseback.
Horses were the major mode of transportation.
Many Virginia men, such as George Washington enjoyed fox hunting, which is hunting foxes on horseback where you must jump over obstacles.
Horses were not as common as some may think.
Owners had to import their horses, as they were not native to that part of the world
The common type of horse at this time was a light draft style, that could plow, pull a carriage, and be ridden
Grain and hay at this time was very expensive to grow and store
Works Cited
Messengers were also a necessity, and horses were needed
To deliver mail or news, a messenger, on horseback, would be hired to go out to bring it
Often the messengers had important mail so they'd have to be really careful about where they camped out
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Americans Life: A Comparison of Colonial Life to Today's Life
(December 13)
By:Lauren Pentland
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