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Disney English Project

No description

Anaisa Gonzalez

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Disney English Project

Teaches us about:
Dumbo was bullied for his big ears but throughout the movie he starts accepting himself the way he is.


Love & Loyalty
~ Love
~ Friendship
~ Family
~ Loyalty
~ Society
~ Environment
~ Self-respect
People change for the best when they fall in love.
Love means giving up old ways of living.
Believing in
each others
Love gives us strength and helps us overcome our fears and finding courage
Trusting each other till the end
Lighting McQueen & Mater taught us that friendship goes beyond how you look or act and that true friendship always last.
Friendship can start anywhere with anyone and is something that will never end because no matter what, true friends will always be there with you in the good and the bad.
Toy Story taught us to never be jealous of each other because at the end they love us all equally.
Both Lady and Jasmine fall in love with people who aren't from their social status and give up everything for them.
In the movie brave, we see how Merida stands up for herself and doesn't let anyone else control her life while her family only cares about what society thinks. She learns to be respectful to others but also respectful to herself.
The Incredibles teaches us to no hide our true selves because no matter what we do society will never be happy.
~Families stick together through everything
Disney Taught us:
~That families come in all shapes and sizes
~Not all families have a dad or a mom
~Family is about being together whether or not you're blood related, same species, or even from the same social status.
Over All Disney reminds us that everyone deserves to be Happy!
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