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Respect Your SUNYCard

Your SUNYCard is very versatile and important to your daily life on campus. Keep it safe and personal.

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Transcript of Respect Your SUNYCard

If you are a student, faculty or staff at UAlbany, you have received a SUNYCard.
And you use it everyday!

Shop24 & Vending Machines
Residence Halls
Bus Rides
Meal Plans & Munch Money
Library loans,
printing and copying services
But some of us forget
the importance of the SUNYCard
That's a
Think about it...
Your campus credit/debit card
Your meal ticket
Your 'house' keys
Your bus card
Your library card
Your fitness room key
So for your protection and safety,
Your SUNYCard must be present and working for every transaction
Purchases over $25 will require a second form of photo ID
If you lose your SUNYCard, you must immediately deactivate it online at MYUAlbany
For the protection of your funds, if someone attempts to use your SUNYCard in the dining rooms or retail locations, the cashiers are instructed to confiscated and destroy the card immediately. Cashiers must follow this policy
A cashier can never manually input your SUNYCard number under any circumstances
If you need a temporary replacement SUNYCard with meal plan access during non-business hours/weekends, please contact UPD.
we work hard to ensure that your SUNYCard is used only by YOU!
So respect your SUNYCard when you get it...

Respect Your SUNYCard
SUNYCard holds all your campus funds, such as
Munch Money, Podium, and Campus Gold.
SUNYCard holds your student meal plan swipes/funds
or your Faculty & Staff Dining Plan funds.
SUNYCard gives you access to your residence hall or University apartment and to academic buildings/rooms.
Here is how we do it:
WOW! That's a lot!
...and it will help make your campus life a happy one!
All in one small 3x2 card!
Visit the UAS website at

Contact SUNYCard directly at
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