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The Road From Colunus

No description

Josh Arteaga

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of The Road From Colunus

Edward Morgan Forster
Born January 1st, 1879 in London. Died June 7th 1970 in Coventry
Inherited Aunt's money, enough to live off of and attend Tonnbridge school, and later enroll into University of Cambridge
Openly homosexual
Lived with mother for 20 years until she died
Known greatly for his novels
Howard's End
A Passage to India

President of Cambridge Humanists until his death
Writing viewed as a first hand look at the changing Victorian society
The Road From Colunus
Presentation by Josh Arteaga

EM Forster
Ethel forces Mr. Lucas onto his mule and does not speak a word about it. He only watches as the inhabitants of the inn follow violently, throwing stones at the party, trying to beckon Mr. Lucas to stay with them.
Falling Action
Ethel takes Mr. Lucas back home to England, and receive a gift from a friend in Greece, wrapped in Greek newspaper. The newspaper describes a tree falling on top of an inn, killing everybody inside. The newspaper is dated in April, the exact day they were at the inn. Ethel tries to tell Mr. Lucas that the people tried to draw him to his death.
Mr. Lucas is an old man who is just trying to find the last amount of adventure in his life. He travels to Greece with his daughter Ethel, and stumbles upon a stream of water dripping from a tree next to the inn his party was supposed to stop at.
Rising Action
Mr. Lucas loves the hollow tree, and steps inside of it to see where the water comes from. Once his feet are inside the water and he is inside of the tree, he gets lost in an amazing feeling. "His eyes closed, and he had the strange feeling of one who is moving, yet at peace"(Forster, 463) Ethel comes and tells him that they have to leave, but Mr. Lucas does not want to leave at all. He intends to stay at the inn for a full week, just to be with the tree, and the inhabitants beckoning him to stay. However, Ethel does not want to allow him to stay due to their schedule, and his age.
Mr. Lucas does not care about what happened anymore. Ethel is leaving him to go get married, which leaves him with his hated sister. He ignores Ethel, and attends to his own thoughts and tasks, ending the subject all together.
Mr. Lucas- Old man trying to live out the remainder of his life in adventure, and "die fighting".
"Greece is the land for young people...but I will enter into it, I will possess it."(Forster, 461)
"Allow me to give you a hand'...Mr. Lucas felt annoyed. 'Thank you, I can manage perfectly well by myself."(Forster, 463)
Ethel- Mr. Lucas' youngest daughter who has devoted her life to caring for her father in his old age.
"She rattled on hoping to conceal the laughter of the children next door- a favorite source of querulousness at breakfast time."(Forster, 467)
"Ethel was startled into impoliteness. 'What a perfectly ridiculous idea. You must've known I was joking."(Forster, 464)

Oedipus at Colunus- Throughout the story, Mr. Lucas and Ethel are referred to as Antigone and Oedipus. The play
Oedipus at Colunus
is about a sorrowful old father, who is taken care of by his daughter. Oedipus used to be the king of Thebes, but now grows older in banishment.
Colonus- According to Greek Legend, Oedipus was buried at Colonus.
Mule- life. Has to move on, whether we like it or not
Hollow tree- peace and tranquility
Running water- distant memory
Please do not watch
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