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Registered Nurse

No description

dina memic

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Registered Nurse

Dina Memic. Registered Nurse. Job Description. Locations. Education. Pay Scale. Prior Work Experience/ Internships. Additional Information. Images. Registered nurses take care for ill or injured patients.
RN's work to promote health and to help patients cope with illness.
Hospital nurses observe patients and carry out medical treatments.
Nurses work with patients in hospitals, in doctors' offices, and in nursing homes. A good location to work as an RN is Cleveland
or Akron. These are good places to work because
you get paid well and many jobs are always open. High school diploma
Complete a nursing education program
Complete a background check
Pass the NCLEX-RN exam
Pass other national and state nursing tests. You can volunteer in a nursing home or other medical setting to get more experience in this working field. Some classes to take in high school to prepare for this working field is science, health, math and computer applications.

For senior year its best if you sign up for a nursing program to earn your license for a LPN. Or you would have to take another year of college after high school.

Communication is also very important in this field. The pay all depends on where you want to work. The average pay for an RN is $24-26 hourly.

Hospital Nurses tend to earn more then nurses that work in doctor's offices.
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