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kevin morey

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of biomass

biomass (wood & crops)
by Priscilla Ramos & Kevin Morey How is Biomass Used? Costs & Benifits Does Biomass Save $$ What are the Benefits Green, Clean, Renewable
Alternative Energy How are Crops Used? If a tree falls in the forest ... Woody Biomass to Biogas Why Use Biomass ? Waste Not, Want Not ! Biomass is waste—mostly from wood—that is used to create heat, liquid biofuels, and electricity. When woody materials are used to produce bioelectricity, they produce three times the amount of energy provided by wind power and 100 times the amount provided by solar energy.
Biomass can be converted to energy in three ways: thermal conversion, chemical conversion, and biochemical conversion. Woody Biomass = Heat & Electricity In 2010 renewable energy accounted for 16.7% of total energy consumption. Biomass heat accounted for 11.4%, and hydropower 3.3% 3
BIOMASS CONVERSION TYPES What is Biomass ? Biomass = Organic (living) Waste !!! All these + animal &
human waste can be used
for fuel. Biomass Feedstock Agriculture
Forest Waste

Urban Waste you can use it for heat & electricity ... Woody
Woody THERMO-CHEMICAL: combustion, charcoal, pyrolysis (torrefaction) , & gasification

PHYSIO-CHEMICAL: pressing, extraction, & esterification

BIOLOGICAL: fermentation, hydrolysis, & anaerobic digestion [from wood or crops to energy] Woody Biomass and Crops are the largest sources of Renewable Energy in the US Crops Pellets &
Liquid fuel ? energy stored through photosynthesis of light Deforestation erosion Desertification energy crops Plant Construction Costs Contaminated Ground Water carbon neutral reduce forest waste
= reduce wildfires forest management domestically available job creation sustainable lower cost of fossil fuels
deterrent switchgrass How is woody biomass used?
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