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3. Legal Liability & Insurance

No description

Lauren Briley

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of 3. Legal Liability & Insurance

Legal Concerns
Liability-the state of being legally responsible for the harm one causes another person
Legal Liability & Insurance
Good Samaritan Law
Provides limited protection to someone who chooses to provide first aid. However, it does not apply to someone who has a duty to act as a dictated by the nature of his or her job
Preferred Provider Organizations
must be approved by the insurance
fee-for service
Primary Insurance
Secondary Insurance

Health Maintenance Organizations
Personal Liability Insurance
Covers claims of negligence on the part of the individual

Sues everyone-coach, athletic trainer, administrator, school district, physician

Covers civil cases not criminal cases
Types of Insurance
Statute of Limitations
A specific length of time to sue for damages.

Plaintiff's typically have between 1 and 3 years to file a suit for negligence

Some state laws allow minors up to 3 years after they turn 18 to file a suit for negligence.
Duty of Care
A requirement that a person can act toward others and the public with watchfulness, attention, caution, and prudence that reasonable person in the circumstances would. If a person's actions do not meet this standard of care, then the acts are considered negligent, and any damages resulting may be claimed in a lawsuit for negligence.
The standard of reasonable care assumes that an individual is neither exceptionally skillful nor exceptionally cautious, but is a person of reasonable and ordinary prudence
gate keepers
generally pay 100% within network
Point of Service



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