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Latin Church (Rome)

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caitlin m

on 27 October 2014

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Transcript of Latin Church (Rome)

Latin Church (Rome)
Cultural origins
It goes back to Jesus in Nazareth.
Formed in the 1st - 5th Centuries
The exact date is inderfermable
It came off the Catholic Church
Languages used in the liturgy
Many languages were used in the Latin church liturgy. Some of the main languages were Italian, German, Spanish, French, English and also of course, Latin. Towards the end of the century, the people of the church were made to speak their own native language.
Cultural Backgrounds of followers
The cultural backgrounds of The Latin Churches followers are mainly Italian and Roman. This is because of the history and religious events that have happened in both Italy and Rome. The pope resides in the Vatican City that is situated in Rome. Rome is known as the 'home of the Roman Catholic
General Information
for the first 1000s of years of christainity, there was no roman catholism.
if you were middle aged, and if you were christian you belonged to the catholic church.
Recieving the sacraments
In the Latin church there are a total of seven sacraments. Each of the seven sacraments provide grace and blessings from God to the recipient. The seven sacraments include:

Baptar (baptism) which is the right of the baptism of children,

Confirma or comfirmb (confirmation) which is the faith outside of danger or death,

Absoluti ( penance) which is the sacrament of penance,

Holy communion
Commextr ( holy communion) is the sacrament of holy communion,

Holy orders
Extreme is the sacrament of administration ( holy orders)

Matrim is the sacrament of marriage.
Annointing of the sick
Propriae ( anionting of the sick) which is the sacrament that is given to an ill person
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