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Debbie Donnelly

on 22 January 2015

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So what's the difference?
What is the best use of your time as a
What does it look like?
What are the adults doing?
What are the students doing?

Learn how to share your videos.
What next?
How it all began...

Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann identified the issue that not all students are able to access support at home to help them complete homework.
Why are we sending students home to do the hard bits?
Does it work?
There is very little evidence at present however there is a white paper on its way available at flippedlearning.org/research

Action research being carried out at Longfield Academy 2014-2015

Recent Ofsted feedback of a flipped lesson
was outstanding.
Suppport getting started
Identifying the class and topic

Picking the content to put into videos

Finding or creating the video/text and preparing to share this with the class.

Planning your lesson based on application and the higher order activities. Choosing/prepareing a range of activities and tasks.

Organising structure of lesson/sharing of information through progress sheets.

Planning AFL and assessment opportunities.
Education is about...
CONTENT- flipped learning takes the basic content out of the lesson

CURIOSITY- flipped learning gives students choices about what they are learning and how

RELATIONSHIPS- flipped learning allows adults to speak to every student in every class in every lesson
Higher Order Thinking
We are flipping the pyramid allowing for more applying, analysing, evaluating and creating within the classroom!
What the critics say...
Flipped learning dehumanises learning. Students are learning by computer.

Give them the basics to learn at home so they can do the harder stuff in class with the experts!

If as a teacher you can be replaced by a you tube video then you should be! (Jon Bergmann, BETT, 2014)
Flipped learning makes your time as a teacher matter more. Your time in class can be spent giving 1:1 and small group feedback rather than whole class instruction.

Our students are part of the screen generation!
Use the flipped model to
suit the needs of your students

Find out about using ready made videos or making your own.

Overcoming issues
Not watching the clips
Technical problems
Flipped learning at Longfield Academy
1:1 devices
Video based homework shared with
parents using SMH
Starter leading to mini assessment
Progress sheets to create learning
Videos in class
Debbie Donnelly

1:1 devices
Team teaching with large groups
How can we use our technology to transform teaching and learning?
Based on the original idea of Eric Mazur
Explain everything
What do you spend most of your time doing during lessons?

Where do you spend most of your time in class?

What are you going to take back and try in your school?
Picking a group...
Know your data

Expectations and routines in place

Share the concept with students and parents
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